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ECE 486 Lecture Slides

by Prof Maxim Raginsky and Prof Daniel Liberzon

Date Topic Additional Reading In-Class Problems
08/24 Introduction to feedback control

Historical overview

FPE Ch. 1, Control - A perspective  
08/26 ODEs and LTI systems;Convolution ;Laplace Transform and Transfer Functions FPE Sections 1.1, 1.2, 2.1 - 2.4; Old slides Problem_lec02;Solutions
08/31 Response of Linear ODEs;Method of Partial Fractions ;DC Gain & Final Value Theorem FPE Section 3.1, Appendix A;Old slides Problem_lec03;Solutions
09/02 Time domain performance;First-order step response ;Second-order step response FPE Section 3.3 - 3.4, Lab manual;Old slides Problem_lec04;Solutions
09/07 Interconnections;Block diagrams;State-space models Old slides Problem_lec05;Solutions
09/09 Effect of Extra Poles and Zeros;Stability;Routh-Hurwitz Criterion FPE Sections 3.5 - 3.6;Old slides Problem_lec06;Solutions
09/14 Summary of Control Design Issues;Open-Loop Control;Proportional Control FPE Sections 4.1, Lab manual;Old slides Problem_lec07;Solutions
09/16 Proportional-Integral Control;Proportional-Derivative Control FPE Sections 4.2 - 4.3, Lab manual Problem_lec08;Solutions
09/21 PI Tuning for First-Order Systems;PID Tuning for Second-Order Systems A classic paper and a relatively recent survey Problem_lec09;Solutions
09/23 Dominant Pole Approximation;Integrator Anti-windup;Control Law Implementation FPE Section 4.2 - 4.3, Section 9.3.1 Problem_lec10;Solutions
09/28 Introduction to Root Locus design method;Rules ABC FPE Chapter 5 Problem_lec11;Solutions
09/30 Root Locus Rules DEF;Case Study on Design FPE Chapter 5 Problem_lec12;Solutions
10/05 In-Class Review I    
10/07 Midterm I    
10/12 Steady State Sinusoidal Response;Bode Plots;Example: First-order Systems FPE Section 6.1 Problem_lec13;Solutions
10/14 Bode Plots for 2nd-Order Systems;Frequency Content of Signals;Intro to Bode Plots of Higher-Order Systems FPE Section 6.1 Problem_lec14;Solutions
10/19 Bode Plots for General Systems FPE Chapter 6  
10/21 Sensitivity Functions;Gain Margin;Phase Margin FPE Chapter 6 Problem_lec16;Solutions
10/26 Bode Plots for Gain/Phase Margins;Bode Gain-Phase Relationship;Lead Compensator FPE Chapter 6  
10/28 Nyquist Plots;Cauchy's Argument Principle;NyquistStabilityCondition;Margins from Nyquist Plots FPE Chapter 6  
11/02 Nyquist Stability Condition with Varying K;Lag Compensator FPE Chapters 5-6  
11/04 Loop Shaping    
11/09 Lecture 21: Introduction to state-space design FPE Chapter 7  
11/11 Lecture 22: Controllability, stability, & pole-zero cancellations; similarity transformation; canonical forms FPE Chapter 7  
11/16 Midterm II    
11/18 Lecture 23: Pole placement by full state feedback FPE Chapter 7  
11/30 Lecture 24: Observer design for state estimation FPE Chapter 7  
12/02 Lecture 25: Dynamic output feedback;Linearization of Nonlinear Models FPE Chapter 7 Practice Problems for Linearization
12/07 In-class review Good luck!