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ECE 486 Course Team

Fall 2023



Daniel Liberzon
Email: liberzon
 at illinois dot edu
Office Hours: Friday 11:30-12:30 on Zoom (will notify class by email in case of changes)

Teaching Assistants

Lab TA Lab Sections email
Syed Usman Ahmed AB2, AB4 usyed3 at illinois dot edu
Srushti Manjunath AB5, AB6 srushti5 at illinois dot edu
Yu-Ju Chang AB1, AB3 yujujc2 at illinois dot edu
Homework TA email
Pulkit Katdare katdare2 at illinois dot edu
Linjie Tong linjiet2 at illinois dot edu

TA Office Hours

TA Time Location
Pulkit Katdare Thursday, 5pm-6pm ECEB4070
Linjie Tong Wednesday, 6pm-7pm ECEB4070

Lab TAs: Please refer to Laboratory page.

Control Systems Lab

Lab Manager

Dan Block
Email: d-block at illinois dot edu
Office: 3005 ECEB