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20 Dynamic Keyboard
Jeevitesh Juneja
Nigel Haran
Xinrui Zhu appendix
We hope to design a physical dynamic keyboard that can reconfigure into different layouts (i.e: AZERTY, QWERTZ, Dvorak, Colemak, Maltron, etc). We have considered embedding standard keys with LEDs in order to produce an 8x8 set of pixels. By doing this we can alter the layout of the keyboard without removing the keys. This allows the user to modify and assign a keyboard layout that is most suitable for them. They can have multiple layouts set and thus switch between the layouts that are needed with ease. We also want these layouts to be programmable by the user through hardware and the keyboard to have memory so it can retain its various layout even when transferred between computers.

We believe that this could be useful due to the fact that certain languages have difficulty being laid out on the keyboard. We also believe this could help industries and the use of certain computer programs (i.e: photoshop, sony vegas video editing software, animation studio, etc) by programming the keys to perform actions that are commonly used by the industry and/or program.

We are considering using a USB type C control instead of the standard 3.0 and are currently looking into whether there will be any issue obtaining keycaps designs. We hope to use cherry mx design due to the importance of the keyboard providing a feedback. We will further investigate keyboard types, how to obtain LED arrays, and how to get keycap set up.

To clarify that this proposal is significantly different from the original idea post made. We will not be having moving keys. Instead we will implement the variable keyboard configurations via the led embedded in the key caps. Further, we believe our idea is significantly different from the Fall 2017 semesters group 19 project because we will creating a entire fully programmable keyboard whose keys are individually reconfigurable via the hardware. Please let us know if there are any other questions that you'd like answered.

Jeevitesh Juneja: jjuneja2
Nigel Haran: ndharan2

LED Cube

Michael Lin, Raymond Yeh

LED Cube

Featured Project

LED technology is more advanced and much more efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs and as such our team decided we wanted to build a device related to LEDs. An LED cube is inherently aesthetically pleasing and ours will be capable of displaying 3D animations and lighting patterns with much increased complexity compared to any 2D display of comparable resolution. Environmental interaction will also be able to control the various lighting effects on the cube. Although our plan is for a visually pleasing cube, our implementation can easily be adapted for more practical applications such as displaying 3D models.