TA Office Hours

Held weekly in the senior design lab (ECEB 2070/2072).
Name Time
Channing Philbrick Monday 1pm-2pm
Tony Caton Monday 2pm-3pm
Christopher Horn Monday 3pm-4pm
Amr Martini Tuesday 1pm-2pm
Mengze Sha Tuesday 2pm-3pm
Kyle Michal Wednesday 11am-12pm
Soumithri Bala Wednesday 12pm-1pm
Dongwei Shi Wednesday 1pm-2pm
John Kan Wednesday 3pm-4pm
Thomas Furlong Thursday 10am-11am
Hershel Rege Thursday 2pm-3pm
David Null Thursday 3pm-4pm
Zhen Qin Friday 12pm-1pm
David Hanley Friday 1pm-2pm
Nick Ratajczyk Friday 2pm-3pm

Spring 2019 Instructors

Name Area
Prof. Arne Fliflet (Instructor)
microwave generation and applications
Prof. Jing Jiang (Instructor)
EnterpriseWorks 107
Robotics, Sensing, System Integration, Entrepreneurship
Prof. Rakesh Kumar (Instructor)
Prof. Michael Oelze (Instructor)
ECEB 2056
Biomedical Imaging, Acoustics, Nondestructive Testing
Prof. Casey Smith (Instructor)
2044 ECE Building
Prof. Gary Swenson (Instructor)
ECEB 5064
Atmospheric remote sensing, lidar, optical remote sensing, imaging, signal processing, atmospheric science
Soumithri Bala (TA)
Anthony Caton (TA)
5068 ECEB
Remote Sensing, Lidar, Optics, Upper Atmospheric Research/Space Science
Thomas Furlong (TA)
David Hanley (TA)
CSL 139
Controls and Robotics
Christopher Horn (TA)
Microcontrollers, computer security, low power embedded systems
John Kan (TA)
Amr Martini (TA)
Computer Vision, Acceleration, Machine Learning, Optics, Video Processing
Kyle Michal (TA)
David Null (TA)
Robotics, Computer Vision, Navigation, Coordinated Systems, Control Systems.
Channing Philbrick (TA)
5029 ECEB
Atmospheric Remote Sensing, Image Processing, CubeSat design, Systems Engineering
Zhen Qin (TA)
Audio, Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Power Circuits
Nicholas Ratajczyk (TA)
RF Circuits, Antennas, Communication, and Remote Sensing
Hershel Rege (TA)
Embedded Systems, Wearables
Mengze Sha (TA)
RF circuit and system
Dongwei Shi (TA)
Computer Vision, Parallel Computing, Robotics

Other Important People

Name Office Phone Email Area
Scott McDonald 1049 ECE Building Machine Shop
Mark Smart 1041 ECE Building Electronics Services Shop
Casey Smith 3064 ECE Building Instructional Lab Coordinator
Waltham Smith 1041 ECE Building Electronic Services Shop
Skot Wiedmann 1041 ECE Building Electronic Services Shop

Laser Harp MIDI Controller with Musical Articulations

Yingxi Hai, Hanze Tu

Laser Harp MIDI Controller with Musical Articulations

Featured Project

Electronic music concerts usually need eye-catching visual aids to create a certain atmosphere. Laser musical instruments is a great way to do this. We have been thinking of this project for a while and it was ECE445 that made this laser harp come true. The novelty of this project is that the harp-like laser device mainly focuses on playing articulations with laser and sensors, as a true universal MIDI controller, to control timbres that are synthesized or sampled. Articulations include piano/forte, vibrato, tremolo, and portamento. With the help of Professors and TAs, we learned how to pick right the components, design PCB, soldering, and program microcontroller. Those skills are not only useful in this class but also really important to electrical engineers. Also, we learned how to use individual strengths, combined with effective teamwork, in the pursuit of meaningful goals.

Project Videos