TA Office Hours

Held weekly in the senior design lab (ECEB 2070/2072 ) and on Zoom (password: ece445)

Name Time
Sophie Liu (In-Person) Monday 10am-11am
Daniel Vargas (In-Person) Monday 1pm-2pm
David Null (In-Person) Monday 2pm-3pm
Bonhyun Ku (Online) Monday 4pm-5pm
Andrew Chen (In-Person) Tuesday 1pm-2pm
Dean Biskup (In-Person) Tuesday 2pm-3pm
Ali Kourani (Online) Tuesday 3pm-4pm
Anand Sunderrajan (Online) Wednesday 10am-11am
Prashant Shankar (In-Person) Wednesday 2pm-3pm
Haoqing Zhu (In-Person) Wednesday 3pm-4pm
Alex Sirakides (In-Person) Thursday 1pm-2pm
Shaoyu Meng (In-Person) Thursday 2pm-3pm
Evan Widloski (Online) Thursday 4pm-5pm (getting vaccine 2021-04-21. no office hours)
Xihang Wu (Online) Friday 10am-11am
AJ Schroeder (Online) Friday 12pm-1pm
Chaitanya Sindagi (In-Person) Friday 1pm-2pm
William Zhang (Online) Friday 2pm-3pm

Spring 2021 Instructors

Name Area
Prof. Arne Fliflet (Instructor)
microwave generation and applications
Prof. Rakesh Kumar (Instructor)
Prof. Michael Oelze (Instructor)
ECEB 2056
Biomedical Imaging, Acoustics, Nondestructive Testing
Prof. Jonathon Schuh (Instructor)
4066 ECEB
Computational Physics, Electromechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Energy Storage, Tribology
David Null (TA)
Robotics, Computer Vision, Navigation, Coordinated Systems, Control Systems.

Other Important People

Name Office Phone Email Area
Gregg Bennett 1048 ECE Building Machine Shop
Mark Smart 1041 ECE Building Electronics Services Shop
Casey Smith 3064 ECE Building Instructional Lab Coordinator
Waltham Smith 1041 ECE Building Electronic Services Shop
Skot Wiedmann 1041 ECE Building Electronic Services Shop

Growing Degree Day Monitor

Anthony De Roo, John Habegger, Jay Zhaoyu Yao

Featured Project

The purpose is to create an inexpensive growing degree day monitor that records temperature and computes growing degree days for a specific farming field during a growing season. This monitor will be placed near a farm field where it will monitor temperature conditions during the growing season. It will record both the ambient air and soil temperatures over the course of day. These temperatures will then be used to calculate the growing degree days. The cumulative number of degree days will then be displayed on either a seven-segment display or this can be downloaded to a computer. This monitor will be powered through a combination of both solar and battery power.