Fall 2017 Lecture Material:

Pre-Lecture #1:

(before class on Aug 29th, 2017)

Brainstorming and Ideation

  • Brainstorming and Ideation slides (pptx)
  • Videos (watch before coming to class)
    • Finding a Problem and Generating Solutions (m4v)
    • Diving Deeper (m4v)
    • Voting (m4v)
    • Reverse Brainstorming (m4v, notes)
    • Homework (m4v)

Lecture #1:

(Aug 29th, 2017)

Getting Started

  • Welcome and Course Overview (pptx)
  • Pitches
  • Brainstorming & Ideation Activity (pptx)
  • December is Coming

Pre-Lecture #2:

(before Sep 5th, 2017)

Beyond Ideation

Lecture #2:

(Sep 5, 2017)

Moving Forward

  • The RFA Process (pptx)
  • Pitches
    • Ben Eng: RFI Detector (pdf)
    • Amaury Saulsberry: CradleCare (pdf)
    • Junwu Zhang: Child Development Sensor (ME 470) (pdf, contact)
    • Joe Zimmerman: POETS CU Aerospace (pptx, contact)
    • Lara Waldrop: Optical Imager Pointing Head Assembly (pdf)
  • Project Resources (pptx)
  • Intellectual Property (pptx)
  • Video Lecture Q&A Session
  • The Design Process (pptx)

Pre-Lecture #3:

(before Sep 12th, 2017)

Design and Writing Tips

Lecture #3:

(Sep 6, 2016)

Last Stop Before RFA

  • Welcome and Video Lecture Q&A (pptx)
  • The Design Process (pptx)
  • Lab Rules and Safety (pdf)
  • Writing Tips (pptx)
  • Ethics (pptx)
  • Awards
  • Closing Remarks

Fall 2017 Video Lectures:


Finding a Problem (Video)
Generating Solutions (Video)
Diving Deeper (Video)
Voting (Video)
Reverse Brainstorming (Video)
Homework for Everyone (Video)

Important Information

Using the ECE 445 Website (Video)
Lab Notebook (Video , slides)
Modular Design (Video, Slides)
Circuit Tips and Debugging (Video , slides)
Eagle CAD Tutorial (Video)

Major Assignments and Milestones

Request for Approval (Video, Slides)
Project Proposal (Video, slides)
Design Document (Video, slides)
Design Review (Video, slides)
Writing Tips (Video, slides)

Pocket Pedal - A Bluetooth Controlled Effects Box

Kaan Erel, Alexander Van Dorn, Jacob Waterman

Pocket Pedal - A Bluetooth Controlled Effects Box

Featured Project

Our idea is to make an inexpensive alternative to traditional pedal powered guitar effects boxes. Essentially, we hope to implement a single aftermarket effects box that can be remote controlled via a mobile app. This low-power, Bluetooth connected application can control the box to change effects on the go. The hardware within the effects box will be able to alter the guitar's signals to create different sounds like echoing, looping, and distortion effects (and possibly more). These effects will be implemented using analog circuits that we will design and construct to be controlled by an app on your phone.

This project eliminates the expensive buy-in for a guitarist hoping to sound like any number of famous musicians with multiple effects pedals. On top of this, it also aims to get rid of the clutter that comes with the numerous pedals and boxes connected to an amplifier. Many pedals today don't even have a visual interface to select effects through some sort of menu. The app will also provide a much more handy and portable visual representation of the possible effects all from the phone in your pocket!


Jacob Waterman jwaterm2

Kaan Erel erel2

Alex Van Dorn vandorn2