Lectures :: ECE 445 - Senior Design Laboratory


Spring 2023 Lecture Material:


Pre-Lecture #1:

(before the first lecture)



Brainstorming and Ideation

  • Brainstorming and Ideation slides (pptx)
  • Videos (watch before coming to class)



Lecture #1:

(August 22nd)



Getting Started

  • Welcome and Course Overview (link)
  • Request for Approval (link)
  • Conflict Management Workshop (link)
  • Brainstorming



Pre-Lecture #2:

(before the second lecture)



Beyond Ideation



Lecture #2:

(August 29th)



Moving Forward

  • Introduction (link)
  • Wireless, Sensing and Embedded Networked Systems(link)
    • Please contact Professor Mironenko (olgamiro@illinois.edu) for more information about Professor Soltanaghai's work
  • PCB Tips (link)
  • Senior Design and Lab Safety (link)
  • Pitches
    • Continuous fistula monitoring for end-stage renal disease patients with an arteriovenous fistula – Richie Li (rlli4@illinois.edu)
    • Pen camera for cancer detection and surgical light – Professor Viktor Gruev (vgruev@illinois.edu)
    • Autonomous sailboat (link) – Professor Arne Fliflet (afliflet@illinois.edu)
    • Dynamic seat cushion – Professor Holly Golecki (golecki@illinois.edu)
    • Water desalination project – Professor Jont Allen (jontalle@illinois.edu)


Pre-Lecture #3:

(before the third lecture)



Design and Writing Tips



Lecture #3:

(September 5th)



Last Stop Before RFA

  • Machine Shop – Gregg Bennett (gbenntt@illinois.edu)
  • Intellectual Property – Dr. Michelle Chitambar (mchitamb@illinois.edu) (link)
  • Writing Centery – Dr. Aaron Geiger (ageiger2@illinois.edu) (link)
  • Ethics (link)
  • Infineon project pitch – Corey Wilner (Corey.Wilner@infineon.com) (link)
  • Lab Notebook (link)
  • Modular Design (link)
  • R&V Table (link)
  • Proposal (link)
  • Design Review (link)

Spring 2023 Video Lectures:


Finding a Problem (Video)
Generating Solutions (Video)
Diving Deeper (Video)
Voting (Video)
Reverse Brainstorming (Video)
Homework for Everyone (Video)

Important Information

Using the ECE 445 Website (Video)
Lab Notebook (Video , Slides)
Modular Design (Video, Slides)
Circuit Tips and Debugging (Video , Slides)
Eagle CAD Tutorial (Video)
Spring 2018 IEEE Eagle Workshop (Slides)
Spring 2018 IEEE Soldering Workshop (Slides)

Major Assignments and Milestones

Request for Approval (Video, Slides)
Project Proposal (Video, slides)
Design Document (Video, slides)
Design Review (Video, slides)
Writing Tips (Video, slides)

Filtered Back – Projection Optical Demonstration

Tori Fujinami, Xingchen Hong, Jacob Ramsey

Filtered Back – Projection Optical Demonstration

Featured Project

Project Description

Computed Tomography, often referred to as CT or CAT scans, is a modern technology used for medical imaging. While many people know of this technology, not many people understand how it works. The concepts behind CT scans are theoretical and often hard to visualize. Professor Carney has indicated that a small-scale device for demonstrational purposes will help students gain a more concrete understanding of the technical components behind this device. Using light rather than x-rays, we will design and build a simplified CT device for use as an educational tool.

Design Methodology

We will build a device with three components: a light source, a screen, and a stand to hold the object. After placing an object on the stand and starting the scan, the device will record three projections by rotating either the camera and screen or object. Using the three projections in tandem with an algorithm developed with a graduate student, our device will create a 3D reconstruction of the object.


• Motors to rotate camera and screen or object

• Grid of photo sensors built into screen

• Light source

• Power source for each of these components

• Control system for timing between movement, light on, and sensor readings