Fall 2017 Lecture Material:

Pre-Lecture #1:

(before Jan 17, 2017)

Brainstorming and Ideation

  • Brainstorming and Ideation slides (pptx)
  • Videos (watch before coming to class)
    • Finding a Problem and Generating Solutions (m4v)
    • Diving Deeper (m4v)
    • Voting (m4v)
    • Reverse Brainstorming (m4v, notes)
    • Homework (m4v)

Lecture #1:

(Jan 17, 2017)

Getting Started

  • Welcome and Course Overview (pptx)
  • Pitches
    • James Norton: Lava Lamps and Toy Trains (pptx)
    • Prof. Karl Reinhard: CPAP Performance Verification Device (docx)
    • Ryan Corey: Microphone Arrays (pptx)
    • Luke Wendt: Sneaky Pickle (pdf)
  • Brainstorming & Ideation Activity
  • May is Coming

Pre-Lecture #2:

(before Jan 24, 2017)

Beyond Ideation

Lecture #2:

(Jan 24, 2017)

Moving Forward

  • The RFA Process (pptx)
  • Pitches
    • Prof. Emad Jassim: Collaborative Projects with Mechanical Engineers (ppt, contact)
    • Rick Kessigner: LED Lighting for Photography (contact)
    • Prof. Karl Reinhard: Coil Guns and Solar Tracking
    • John Capozzo: Concussion Detection (pptx)
    • Luke Wendt: Water Aliasing, Balloon Assisted Strider and Ferrofluid Display (pptx, pdf)
  • Lab Rules and Safety (pptx, pdf)
  • Writing Tips (pptx)
  • Writing Requirements and Verifications (pptx, pdf)
  • Video Lecture Q&A Session
  • Charge!

Pre-Lecture #3:

(before Jan 31, 2016)

Design and Writing Tips

Lecture #3:

(Sep 6, 2016)

Last Stop Before RFA

  • Welcome and Video Lecture Q&A (pptx)
  • Intellectual Property (pptx)
  • The Design Process (pptx)
  • Project Resources (pptx)
  • Ethics (pptx)
  • Open Floor for Announcements

Fall 2017 Video Lectures:


Finding a Problem (Video)
Generating Solutions (Video)
Diving Deeper (Video)
Voting (Video)
Reverse Brainstorming (Video)
Homework for Everyone (Video)

Important Information

Using the ECE 445 Website (Video)
Lab Notebook (Video , slides)
Modular Design (Video, Slides)
Circuit Tips and Debugging (Video , slides)
Eagle CAD Tutorial (Video)

Major Assignments and Milestones

Request for Approval (Video, Slides)
Project Proposal (Video, slides)
Design Document (Video, slides)
Design Review (Video, slides)
Writing Tips (Video, slides)

Easy Cube Clock

Allan Englehardt, Jason Luzinski, Benjamin Riggins

Featured Project

Today's alarm clock market is full of inexpensive, but hard to use alarm clocks. It is our observation that there is a need for an alarm clock that is easy to set, and turn on and off with little instruction. Imagine an alarm that is set with the intuitive motion of flipping the clock over. When the alarm is on, you can see the alarm time on the top of the clock. To turn off the alarm, you simply flip it over to hide alarm display. Out of sight, out of mind. The front face of the clock will always show the current time, and will flip to the correct orientation.