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52 Air steering wheel to control a robot car
Bohan Hu
Jingyu Li
Tianyang Zheng
Hershel Rege design_review
We want to design an "air steering wheel" to control the turning of a robot car. We want the user to wear a special designed glove on one hand, and rotate his/her hand to control the turning of the car. The glove is connected to an encoder fixed at the user's elbow which will barely move when the hand rotates. The encoder will detect the angle of the rotation of the glove and send signals to the microprocessor on the car, The microprocessor will process the signals and control the motors of the car accordingly. The turning angle of the hand is proportional to the turning angle of the car and they are highly synchronized.
The electrical system on the user's arm is detached from the rest of the systems.

A potential modification is to add an additional gesture control mode. When the user's palm is flattened out, the car will drive. If the hand clenches into a fist, the car will stop.

Hardware components:
Wireless Communications (within 10m):
In order to achieve the wireless communication between the system on the arm and the system on the car, we plan to install:
- An Arduino microprocessor on each system
- One HC-05 Bluetooth Module on the system on the arm, as the Master
- Another HC-05 Bluetooth Module on the system on the car, as the Slave

Power supply:
We will use batteries to power both systems.

- A rotary encoder around the elbow to detect the angle of rotation of the hand
- There exists a mechanical system linking the rotation of glove to the input of the encoder.

In order to achieve the design modifications, we plan to use:
- Flex sensors on fingers of the glove

Robot car:
- We plan to build our own robot car.

Laser Harp MIDI Controller with Musical Articulations

Yingxi Hai, Hanze Tu

Laser Harp MIDI Controller with Musical Articulations

Featured Project

Electronic music concerts usually need eye-catching visual aids to create a certain atmosphere. Laser musical instruments is a great way to do this. We have been thinking of this project for a while and it was ECE445 that made this laser harp come true. The novelty of this project is that the harp-like laser device mainly focuses on playing articulations with laser and sensors, as a true universal MIDI controller, to control timbres that are synthesized or sampled. Articulations include piano/forte, vibrato, tremolo, and portamento. With the help of Professors and TAs, we learned how to pick right the components, design PCB, soldering, and program microcontroller. Those skills are not only useful in this class but also really important to electrical engineers. Also, we learned how to use individual strengths, combined with effective teamwork, in the pursuit of meaningful goals.

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