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42 Open source and cheap radiosonde
Khushboo Jain
Lake Boddicker
Raunak Barnwal
Yamuna Phal design_review
We would like to make a cheap, open source weather radiosonde. Currently, radiosondes are launched in 92 different locations 365 days a year and cost upwards of $250. When they drop back to the surface, the radiosonde is rarely ever recovered and reused.

We would like to develop a prototype that offers a locating functionality. The radiosonde will consist of temperature sensors, barometer, humidity sensor, transmitter and receiver with a quarter wave antenna. In addition to transmitting pressure, temperature and humidity readings, the prototype will offer an option to add an additional sensor to measure research data such as carbon dioxide levels in the air to determine air quality and track variations.

RFI Detector

Jamie Brunskill, Tyler Shaw, Kyle Stevens

RFI Detector

Featured Project

Problem Statement:

Radio frequency interference from cell phones disrupts measurements at the radio observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Many visitors do not comply when asked to turn their phones off or put them in airplane mode.


We are planning to design a handheld device that will be able to detect radio frequency interference from cell phones from approximately one meter away. This will allow someone to determine if a phone has been turned off or is in airplane mode.

The device will feature an RF front end consisting of antennas, filters, and matching networks. Multiple receiver chains may be used for different bands if necessary. They will feed into a detection circuit that will determine if the power within a given band is above a certain threshold. This information will be sent to a microcontroller that will provide visual/audible user feedback.

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