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42 Open source and cheap radiosonde
Khushboo Jain
Lake Boddicker
Raunak Barnwal
Yamuna Phal design_document0.pdf
We would like to make a cheap, open source weather radiosonde. Currently, radiosondes are launched in 92 different locations 365 days a year and cost upwards of $250. When they drop back to the surface, the radiosonde is rarely ever recovered and reused.

We would like to develop a prototype that offers a locating functionality. The radiosonde will consist of temperature sensors, barometer, humidity sensor, transmitter and receiver with a quarter wave antenna. In addition to transmitting pressure, temperature and humidity readings, the prototype will offer an option to add an additional sensor to measure research data such as carbon dioxide levels in the air to determine air quality and track variations.

Easy Cube Clock

Allan Englehardt, Jason Luzinski, Benjamin Riggins

Featured Project

Today's alarm clock market is full of inexpensive, but hard to use alarm clocks. It is our observation that there is a need for an alarm clock that is easy to set, and turn on and off with little instruction. Imagine an alarm that is set with the intuitive motion of flipping the clock over. When the alarm is on, you can see the alarm time on the top of the clock. To turn off the alarm, you simply flip it over to hide alarm display. Out of sight, out of mind. The front face of the clock will always show the current time, and will flip to the correct orientation.