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75 Improving upon ECEB Submetering
Aleksai Herrera
Jonathan Izurieta
Mike Lee
Sanjana Pingali design_document2.pdf

Team Members
-Aleksai Herrera (aleksai2)
-Jonathan Izurieta (jji11)
-Mike Lee (dcl3)

Our RFA is based on Prof. Schuh’s proposal for a 3-phase, 208V, 60Hz power meters that can be placed inside individual rooms for detailed power monitoring.

The ECEB is notably a net-zero energy facility, which is possible due to utilization of energy efficient methods such as the use of solar panels. We would like to be able to measure and share data collected from the energy generated by the solar panels in order to help track the efficiency and use of energy of the ECEB building. With regard to the ECEB submeter of previous semesters, we would like to improve upon the accuracy of the data recorded to yield more practical and useful results.

Our solution is to create power meters that can accurately measure power, voltage, and current of individual rooms within ECEB and be able to accurately get and store these data metrics as well as being able to display them to either an LCD or the TVs within the ECEB. We plan to improve upon many of the shortcomings the previous implementation faced.

##Subsystem 1: Power System
This system is required for powering the IC's, microcontroller, and LCD along with any other components of our project.

Chargeable Battery (5 to 10V)
Linear Regulator (Buck Convertor) MC34063AP

##Subsystem 2: Sensor/Electricity measurements
This system will allow the received AC signals to be changed into DC digital signals that the microcontroller can interact with.

ADC converters for current and voltage MCP3008-I/P
Voltage Transformer
Voltage Divider Circuit
Voltage Pull Up
Current Transformer CTF-5RL-0400
Current Divider Circuit
Current Pull Up

##Subsystem 3: Storing Information
Our design intends to store information offline onto a SD card and onto an online server
Microcontroller to Display and data recording System:
ESP32 Microcontroller used to transmit recorded data offline to SD card and to online server.
SD card module to interface SD card and ESP32
SD card to store data on
A cost effective online server or database to store our data

##Subsystem 4: Visual display of our data
This system allows us to display our data onto a screen to display to the viewer.

Usbc to HDMI to display information on a TV
LCD screen to display data onto

Be able to store our data offline on to SD card along with the date and time
Be able to upload our data online every 15 minutes via wifi
Be able to display data and waveform on LCD or TV
Be able to measure Voltage, Current, Power, and other key data metrics (Power Factor, etc.)

Bone Conduction Lock

Alexander Lee, Brandon Powers, Ramon Zarate

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A lock that is unlocked using vibrations conducted through the bones in the user’s hand. The user wears a wristband containing a haptic motor. The haptic motor generates a vibration signal that acts as the "key" to the lock. When the user touches their finger to the lock, the signal is transmitted through the user’s hand and is received at the lock. If the lock receives the correct "key", then it unlocks.

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