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71 Automatic Puzzle Solver
Alex Kim
Conor Devlin
Eric Chen
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# Automatic Puzzle Solver for Accessibility and User Convenience

Team Members:
- Eric Chen (egchen2)
- Alex Kim (alexk4)
- Conor Devlin (conorbd2)

# Problem

Jigsaw puzzles remain a popular pastime, offering enjoyment and cognitive benefits. However, manual assembly can be challenging for individuals with motor skill limitations, visual impairments, or limited attention spans. Existing automated solutions are often expensive, complex, or limited in puzzle sizes and complexities.

This project addresses the need for an accessible and user-friendly automatic jigsaw puzzle solver. Our solution aims to empower individuals of all abilities to enjoy the benefits of puzzle solving while reducing frustration and increasing user satisfaction.

# Solution

This project will deliver an accessible and user-friendly solution to enhance the puzzle-solving experience for individuals of all abilities. We propose an innovative Automatic Jigsaw Puzzle Solver equipped with a precision-controlled robotic arm and computer vision system.

# Solution Components

## 3D Movement System

Function: Precisely position the robotic arm above puzzle pieces.

- Stepper motors (e.g., Nema 17 series) with high torque and speed for accurate movement.
- Belt/pulley system or leadscrew system for linear motion on X and Y axes.
- End-stop switches for precise positioning.

## Rotation System

Function: Rotate puzzle pieces for proper orientation before pickup.

- Servo motor (e.g., MG996) with sufficient torque for desired rotation angle.
- Gears/belt system for rotating a platform holding the puzzle piece.
- Limit switch for accurate positioning at specific angles.

## Piece Picking System

Function: Securely lift and place puzzle pieces without damage.

- Vacuum suction cup(s) with size and material suitable for puzzle pieces (e.g., foam or silicone).
- Venturi vacuum generator with sufficient flow rate and pressure for suction.
- Compressed air supply with regulator for controlling suction strength.

## Computer Vision System

Function: Identify and locate puzzle pieces within the complete image.

- Camera sensor (e.g., ArduCam OV5642 or Olimex OV7670) with high resolution and auto-focus capability.
- Microcontroller (e.g., Raspberry Pi Zero W, Raspberry Pi 3, STMicroelectronics STM32F103C8T6) for initial image processing and communication.
- Processing Unit (e.g., dedicated AI accelerator or cloud-based processing) for intensive image analysis (optional).

## Control Software

Function: Orchestrate the entire system, interpret vision data, and control robotic movements.

Environment: Open-source libraries like OpenCV for image processing and Python for overall control.

Modularity: Designed for easy maintenance and future improvements.

# Criterion For Success

- Camera Accuracy: 95% of puzzle pieces correctly identified and oriented within the complete image.
- Arm Performance: 90% success rate in accurately picking and placing puzzle pieces.
- Puzzle Completion Time: Solve a 100-piece puzzle of moderate complexity within 60 minutes.

Environmental Sensing for Firefighters

Andri Teneqexhi, Lauren White, Hyun Yi

Environmental Sensing for Firefighters

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Hyun Yi, Lauren White, and Andri Teneqexhi earned the Instructor's Award in the Fall of 2013 for their work on the Environmental Sensing for Firefighters.

"Engineering is all about solving real life problems and using the solutions to improve the lives of others. ECE 445 allows you to actually delve deeper into what this really means by providing students the chance to undergo the engineering design process. This requires taking all of the theoretical knowledge, lab experiences, and ultimately, everything that you have ever learned in life, and applying it to your project. Though, there is structure to the course and deadlines in place to measure your team's progress, the actual design, implementation, and success of your project is all determined by you. Unlike any other course that I have taken, I've gained an appreciation for the utilization and benefits of external resources, unforeseen scheduling delays, delegating tasks, and most importantly, teamwork. I consider ECE 445 to be a crash course into real life engineering and a guide to become a successful engineer." -- Lauren White