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7 Garden Guardian
Aleah Gacek
Claire McGrath
Nick Hartmann
Jason Zhang design_document1.pdf

Gardens are an easy and fun hobby that a lot of people have in their backyard. One issue when it comes to gardens is being able to protect them. Gardens grow many different fruits and vegetables that are prone to getting attacked or eaten by different animals. Having a hindrance would improve the garden's quality and protect your plants.

Solution Overview:

Our solution for deterring animals away from one’s garden is a portable battery-powered (most likely solar) device that can be mounted above one’s garden. It uses a passive infrared sensor that notices movement in the garden area.

Solution Components:

Sensor System:

Passive infrared system for detecting movement in the area which triggers a high signal to the 5-volt relay (connect to 120V compatible noise/light deterrent)

Power System:

Solar panels -> battery storage -> PCB -> 5-volt relay (5-volt to 120 AC conversion) -> light/noise deterrent

Processing System:

PCB sends signal to light/noise deterrent and can determine night=light deterrent and day=noise deterrent; compatible/controlled with Arduino

Criterion for Success:

Our device can pick up on animal movement in the area around the garden and turn on the light/noise deterrent to scare the animal away and protect the garden while running on solar power.


An easy deterrent against large animals is putting a wired fence around your garden. This doesn’t work against birds or smaller animals. This also is quite annoying for the garden owner to have to move the fence each time they want to work on the garden.

Another alternative is using an ultrasonic animal repeller. This device emits a certain frequency that deters animals away while also not at a frequency that humans can hear. A problem with this is that there is not a ‘general frequency’ that deters all animals away. You can only set it to one frequency that deters certain animals. We think our device would be better because it would deter all animals.

Laser Harp MIDI Controller with Musical Articulations

Yingxi Hai, Hanze Tu

Laser Harp MIDI Controller with Musical Articulations

Featured Project

Electronic music concerts usually need eye-catching visual aids to create a certain atmosphere. Laser musical instruments is a great way to do this. We have been thinking of this project for a while and it was ECE445 that made this laser harp come true. The novelty of this project is that the harp-like laser device mainly focuses on playing articulations with laser and sensors, as a true universal MIDI controller, to control timbres that are synthesized or sampled. Articulations include piano/forte, vibrato, tremolo, and portamento. With the help of Professors and TAs, we learned how to pick right the components, design PCB, soldering, and program microcontroller. Those skills are not only useful in this class but also really important to electrical engineers. Also, we learned how to use individual strengths, combined with effective teamwork, in the pursuit of meaningful goals.

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