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The design review is a 30-minute (45-min for Spring 2020) meeting intended to make sure that the team has a successful project. Students will present and defend their design while instructors and TAs critique it, identifying any infeasible or unsafe aspects and steering the team toward success. Instructors and TAs will ask questions throughout and may choose the order of blocks to be discussed. Prepare for the following sequence.
  1. Promptly project design document on projector.
  2. Introduce team members (name, major, and relevant interests).
  3. Present problem statement and proposed solution (<2 minutes)
  4. Present design overview (<3 minutes)
    1. High-level requirements
    2. Block diagram
    3. Physical design
  5. For the remainder of the review, you will participate in a detailed discussion of the design. Plan to cover each block, one at a time, beginning with the most critical. The course staff will ask questions and may step in to guide the discussion. Be prepared to discuss all aspects of your design with a focus on the following.
    1. Requirements
    2. Evidence that the design meets requirements (use the following as applicable)
      • Simulations
      • Calculations
      • Measurements
      • Schematics
      • Flowcharts
      • Mechanical drawings
      • Tolerance analysis

Spring 2020 Additions for 2nd Design Review

For Spring 2020 we will be requiring that every team create a powerpoint presentation for their 2nd design review. It is possible that during the review, you may be asked to present the design document as well. Here is the link to the ECE powerpoint template. We have also provided a template list of slide sections/titles to get you started.
  1. Introduction/Problem Statement
  2. Overview of original project solution
  3. Overview of new project solution
  4. High level requirements
  5. Block Diagram
  6. Critical requirements and verifications
  7. Analysis demonstrating solution feasibility (corresponding to analysis done in project differences section)
  8. Tolerance Analysis
  9. Tradeoffs between original and new solutions
  10. cost, schedule
  11. Ethics and Safety
  12. Conclusions/Future development


Here is an updated grading rubric for the Spring 2020 2nd Design Review.

Submission and Deadlines

Your design document should be uploaded to PACE in PDF format by Midnight the Friday before design review. If you uploaded a mock DR document to PACE, please make sure that it has been removed before DR.

Bone Conduction Lock

Alexander Lee, Brandon Powers, Ramon Zarate

Featured Project

A lock that is unlocked using vibrations conducted through the bones in the user’s hand. The user wears a wristband containing a haptic motor. The haptic motor generates a vibration signal that acts as the "key" to the lock. When the user touches their finger to the lock, the signal is transmitted through the user’s hand and is received at the lock. If the lock receives the correct "key", then it unlocks.

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