Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 313 Fall 1999

Problem Sets and Solutions

Homework: Homework will be assigned on Wednesdays and will be due on the following Wednesday at the beginning of the class period. You must turn in homework in the section in which you are registered. Homework turned in late, or in the wrong section, will receive no credit.

If you expect to be out of town on a plant trip when a homework set is due, you can either do the work ahead of time and ask a friend to turn in your homework, or, with prior arrangement, mail it or fax it to your instructor on the due date.

Printed copies of Problem Sets and Solutions are distributed in class. They are also posted here, usually on the previous day, as .pdf (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format) files. If you prefer to read them on the screen only, or to print them out for yourself, please tell us and help the Department save on photocopying costs.

A collection of problem sets (and, in some cases, solutions) can be found on the
web pages for the last few semesters. These can be a valuable source of practice problems.