CS/ECE 374 B: Lecture and Lab Schedule

The calendar below lists the topics of each lecture and lab section for the semester, with links to relevant lecture notes, and lab handouts.

Topics for future lectures and labs are subject to change; exam dates are not.

Week Tuesday Lecture Wednesday Lab Thursday Lecture Friday Lab
Jan 15-19 Administrivia, strings, and languages
[slides], [string notes], [languages notes (sec. 2.1 & 2.2)]
Preliminaries, Strings, and Languages
[Induction notes]
[More induction notes]
Regular expressions and Introduction to DFAs
[regular expressions notes], [DFA notes (upto sec. 3.5.3)]
Regular expressions and DFA design, [automatatutor]
Jan 22-26 DFAs: correctness proofs, lower bounds
[notes (sec. 3.3, 3.8)], [DFA proof notes]
DFA proofs Nondeterminism: intuition, examples, NFA definitions, equivalence with DFAs [notes] NFA constructions
Jan 29-Feb 2 Equivalence among NFAs, DFAs & Regular Expressions [notes (sec. 4.6, 4.8)] Regular expressions, DFAs, and NFAs Non-regularity [notes (sec. 3.8)], [Infinite Fooling Sets Guide] Regular or not?
Feb 5-9 Context-free grammars
Context-free grammars constructions Turing machines: history, definitions, examples, variations and extensions
Turing machine design
Feb 12-16 Turing machine variants and Church-Turing thesis
[notes], [CT notes]
Church-Turing thesis Optional review for Midterm 1 (No lecture) Optional review for Midterm 1 (No lab)
Midterm 1, Monday Feb 19, 7-9pm
Conflict Midterm: Tuesday Feb 20
Feb 19-23 Measuring Time, Invariance thesis, Divide and conquer: MergeSort
[notes] [slides]
Jeff's [notes] on recurrences
Chapter 2 of DPV book
Merge Sort and Recurrences Divide and Conquer: Recurrences, Quick sort, Karatsuba's algorithm, Linear selection
[notes] [slides]
Jeff's [notes] on recurrences
Chapter 2 of DPV book
Binary Search
Feb 26-Mar 2 Linear Selection and Backtracking
Backtracking Dynamic Programming: Longest Increasing Subsequence, String Splitting
Chapter 6 of DPV book
Dynamic Programming
Mar 5-9 Dynamic Programming: Edit Distance, Max Independent Set in Trees
Chapter 6 of KT book, Chapter 6 of DPV book
Dynamic Programming Greedy Algorithms: techniques, examples
Chapter 4 of KT book, Chapter 5 of DPV book
Greedy Algorithms
Drop deadline
Mar 12-16 Graph search
Chapter 3 of KT book, Chapter 3 of DPV book
Graph modeling Directed graphs, Strong components, DAGs, Topological sort
[Notes] [slides]
Chapter 3 of KT book, Chapter 3 of DPV book
Directed graphs
Mar 19-23 Spring Break
Mar 26-30 BFS, Single-source shortest paths, Dijkstra, Priority Queues
[notes] [slides]
Chapter 4 of DPV book, Chapter 4 of KT book
Shortest Paths Bellman-Ford and Shortest Paths with negative lengths, All pairs Shortest Paths
[notes] [slides]
Chapter 4 of DPV book, Chapter 6 of KT book
Shortest paths with negative lengths
Apr 2-6 DFA to regular expressions, Minimum spanning tree algorithms
[APSP notes] [MST notes] [slides]
Chapter 5 of DPV book, Chapter 4 of KT book
Minimum spanning trees Optional review for Midterm 2 (No lecture) Optional review for Midterm 2 (No lab)
Midterm 2 — Monday, April 9, 7–9pm
Conflict exam: Tuesday, April 10
Apr 9-13 Decidability, recursive enumerability, non-r.e.-ness, undecidability
[notes] [slideshow | pdf ]
Closure properties Many-one Reductions
[reduction notes] [slideshow | pdf ]
Reductions, and undecidability
Apr 16-20 P and NP
[notes] | [slides]
Chapter 8 of Kleinberg-Tardos
P and NP Polynomial Time Reductions
[notes] | [slides]
Chapter 8 of Kleinberg-Tardos
Video on P vs NP
Polynomial time Reductions
Apr 23-27 NP-completeness and Cook-Levin theorem
[notes] [slides]
Chapter 8 of Kleinberg-Tardos, Chapter 7 of Sipser
NP-Completeness proofs More NP-Completeness
[notes] [slides]
More NP-Completeness
ICES Forms
Apr 30-May 4 Wrapup: Tying up loose ends, and course overview
ICES Forms
Review for final Reading Day
Final exam — Tuesday, May 8, 8--11am
Conflict exam: Monday, May 7, 8--11am, in 3401 Siebel