ECE 313, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign






ECE 313 Homework, Problem Sets and Solutions

Summer 2013

Homeworks are selected from "Short Answer Questions" in the course notes. The answer of each short answer question is provided at the back of the course notes. You are required to provide detailed solutions.

You must drop your homework into the ECE 313 lockbox (#20) in the Everitt Laboratory basement (east side) by this deadline. Late homeworks will not be accepted without prior permission from the instructor.

All assignments must be submitted stapled if they consist of more than one sheet.

We have quizzes beside homework. Problem sets are posted with solutions. There will be an in-class quiz each week, almost all quizzes will be selected from problem sets provided in that week on the specified date below.

The following information should be clearly written on the right corner of the first papge of each Homework, or on quiz papers:

Notes on event and probability axioms