CS/ECE 374 A — Spring 2018
Jeff Erickson (jeffe)
Jacob Laurel
Phillip Shih
Sahand Mozaffari
Shalan Naqvi
Srihita Vatsavaya
Umang Mathur
Andre Gou Kevin Hong
Apoorva Dixit Linda Cai
Gaurav Pasari Rajgopal
He Qu Ruiqian Yao
Jeremy McMahan  Shivam Gupta
Jonathan Xu Thomas Yu


February 21
Solutions and tentative rubrics for Midterm 1 are available:
February 20
Homework 4 is due next Tuesday, February 27, at 8pm.
February 15
Homework 3 solutions and Lab 5 solutions are available.
February 12
Midterm 1 will be held next Monday, February 19, from 7pm to 9pm.
  • The exam covers all material covered in Homeworks 0, 1, 2, and 3: Induction, regular languages, regular expressions, DFAs, NFAs, product and subset constructions, fooling sets, regular language transformations, and context-free grammars. No questions on Turing machines.
  • Please see the exam policies.
  • Please go to the following rooms, according to when your registered lab section begins:
  • The conflict exam will be offered on Tuesday, February 20. If you need to take the conflict exam, please register no later than Friday, February 16.
  • Lots of study materials are available:
    • A huge collection of study problems — Please read the advice on the first page.
    • Midterm 1 from previous semesters: Fall 2014, Fall 2016, Fall 2017
      These cover roughly the same material as this semester's Midterm 1, but possibly with different emphasis.
    • Additional problems are avialable at the end of the lecture notes.
    These should give you a good indication of the types of questions that we will ask on the exam, but they should also convince you that there are infinitely many reasonable questions of each type. Very few if any of these exact problems will appear on the exam. We will not distribute solutions for these problems; in past semesters, students collaborated on a shared Google Doc with solutions.
  • There is no lecture this Thursday, and there are no labs this Friday. Instead, we will hold optional review sessions at the regular lecture and lab times. Please bring questions. In particular, please feel free to ask questions from the list of study problems.
February 7
Homework 2 solutions are available.
February 6
Homework 3 is due next Tuesday, February 13, at 8pm. This is the last homework before Midterm 1.
January 31
Homework 1 solutions are available.
January 29
Homework 2 is due next Tuesday, February 6, at 8pm.
January 24
Homework 0 solutions are available.
January 23
Homework 1 is due next Tuesday, January 30, at 8pm.
January 16
  • Homework 0 is due next Tuesday, January 23, at 8pm.
  • A LaTeX template for homework solutions is available.
  • Jeff will hold office hours immediately after class this week in the ECEB lobby. We are still working on the office hours schedule for the TAs and CAs.
January 10
  • Welcome! We're working hard to get everything set up here before the semester begins. Meanwhile, you may notice several broken links or pages that refer to previous courses.
  • There are two independent sections of CS/ECE 374 this semester. This is the web site for Section A (formally: lecture section AL1 and lab sections AY*). Section B, taught by Mahesh Viswanathan, has a separate web site.
  • The class is full! There is no waiting list this semester.

Course calendar

All office hours are in the open area outside 3304 Siebel, unless specified otherwise.

Tue Thu 11:00–12:15, 1002 ECE Building
All labs meet every Wednesday and Friday.
AYA: Sahand Mozaffari  9:00–9:50 1214 Siebel
AYB: Sahand Mozaffari 10:00–10:50 1214 Siebel
AYC: Umang Mathur 11:00–11:50 1214 Siebel
AYD: Shrihita Vatsavaya 12:00–12:50 1214 Siebel
AYE: Shrihita Vatsavaya 1:00–1:50 1214 Siebel
AYF: Phillip Shih 2:00–2:50 1214 Siebel
AYG: Shalan Naqvi 3:00–3:50 1214 Siebel
AYH: Shalan Naqvi 4:00–4:50 1214 Siebel
— There is no lab AYI. —
AYJ: Jacob Laurel 1:00–1:50 1302 Siebel
AYK: Jacob Laurel 2:00–2:50 1302 Siebel
Office hours:
See the Google calendar above.
Due Tuesdays at 8pm, uploaded to Gradescope
Homeworks are released at least one week before the due date.
Under normal circumstances, graded homeworks should be returned within 10 days of submission.

Si maintenant vous me donnez une équation que vous aurez choisie à votre gré, et que vous desirez connaître si elle est ou non soluble par radicaux, je n’aurai rien à y faire que de vous indiquer le moyen de répondre à votre question, sans vouloir charger ni moi ni personne de la faire. En un mot les calculs sont impracticables.
Évariste Galois
For every polynomial-time algorithm you have, there is an exponential algorithm that I would rather run.
Alan Perlis
Algorithms are for people who don't know how to buy RAM.
Clay Shirky