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Note: The Spring 2017 schedule has 100% new papers for the student sessions compared to the last version of CS525 (SP16). This means you are reading the latest papers on each individual topic!







Main Papers

More Papers (optional)

Must-see Papers if your Project overlaps with the area.




[ppt] [pdf]


Introduction See topic "Spreading the Rumor" below


[ppt] [pdf]


Before, There Were Clouds

You can join the Googlegroups on Cloud Computing



[ppt] [pdf]


Cloud Computing Continued



[ppt] [pdf]



P2P Systems


Last day to sign up for a presentation slot (2/9/17 through 3/15/17). Per slot: two presenters + 1 scriber.

Presenters can decide papers among themselves. Scriber must read both papers, summarize Piazza questions, add their own questions, lead discussion on both papers, and write 1 page summary of discussion on Piazza and in class.).

To sign up, you must come to Indy's office hours (no proxy or email signups). Specify whether you're a presenter or a scriber. Sign up early to get the best slots!

Once you sign up, you must do your work and present, even if you were to drop the class afterwards.

Instructions for Presentations and Reviews



[ppt] [pdf]

P2P Systems (contd.)





[ppt] [pdf]



Key-value Stores and NoSQL

Others: MongoDB




[ppt] [pdf]

Basic Distributed Algorithms Fundamentals and Sensor Networks


Student Presentations and Reviews Start - See Instructions
2/9 Presenters (2): Pallavi Srivastava (psrivas3) && Kartik Palani (palani2)

Scriber: Presenters will scribe
Slides: [ppt]
Scriber Slides: see above
Consensus Census Please don't review the first paper

(Review these) - Student Presenters will present these





Presenters (2): Yasser Shalabi (yshalab2) && John Alsop (alsop2)

Scriber: Oliver Melvin (omelvin2)
Slides (all): [ppt] [pdf]

Distributed Machine Learning

2/16 Presenters (2): Akshun Gupta (agupta63) && Karthik Bala (kbala2)

Scriber: Presenters will scribe
Slides: [ppt]
Stream Processing

2/21 Presenters (2): Abhishek Modi (akmodi2) && Harshit Agarwal (hagarwa3)

Scriber: Evan Fabry (efabry2)
Slides: [pdf]
Automate Everything!
2/23 Presenters (2): Bei Pang (beipang2) && Shuchen Song (ssong18)

Scriber: Presenters will scribe
Slides: [ppt]
Spark Sisters


Project Survey Report due, 11.59 pm [12pt font, single-sided, 3 pages for main material + 1 page Business plan if applicable + any number of pages for references] (In groups of 2-3)

Instructions for Survey and its Submission

2/28 Presenters (2): Shuting Li (sli61) && Xingbang Liu (xl14)

Scriber: Presenters will scribe
Measurement-based Design  
3/2 Presenters (2): Dipannita Dey (ddey2) && Andy Vuong (avuong3)

Scriber: Ratish Garg (rgarg7)
Slides: [ppt]
Online Friends
3/7 Presenters (2): Allyson Kaminsky (alk2) && Wajih Hassan (whassan3)

Scriber: Presenters will scribe
Slides: [DQBarge] [Trading]
Quality or Quantity
3/9 Presenters (2): Xianze Zhan (xzhan5) && Chenying He (che12)

Slides: [All]
Is that Fair?



Presenters (2): Rui Yang (ry2) && Zhuolun Xiang (xiangzl)

Scriber: Bo Chen (boc2)
Slides: [All]


Stream Processing, Again?






Presenters (2): Guanchen He (ghe10) && Tianhang Sun (ts7)

Scriber: Yingyi Zhang (yingyiz2)
Slides: [All]

Transactionalize Everything!




Spring Vacation - No Class.







Spring Vacation - No Class.




3/28 Presenters (2): Grant Everett (geveret2) && Ben Miller (bjmillr2)

Scriber: Presenters will scribe
Slides: [All]
Storage: Wine in Bottle



Project Midterm Report due, 11.59 pm [12pt font, single-sided, 8 pages for main material + 1 page Business plan if applicable + any number of pages for references] (In groups of 2-3)

Instructions for Midterm and its Submission

3/30 Presenters (2): Xin Wei (xinwei3) && Guoqiao Li (gli16)

Scriber: Shaoshi Ling (sling3)
Slides: [All]
4/4 Presenters (2): Tianyuan Zhang (tzhang29) && Yao Qian (qian13)

Scriber: Presenters will scribe
Slides: [Nitro] [Comdb2]
Industry Databases

Midterm Reviews due, 11.59 PM

4/6 Presenters (2): Kai Huang (khuang29) && Surya Bakshi (sbakshi3)

Scriber: [B2W2] [TinyOS]
A Touch of Sensor Nets
4/11 Presenters (2): Shuo Feng (sfeng15) && Zane Ma (zanema2)

Scriber: Presenters will scribe
Slides: [SNC] [SNOW]
Scriber Slides:
Show me the Latency, I mean Money!!



Presenters (2): Kush Maheshwari (kmahesh3) &&Nimay Desai (ntdesai2)

Scriber:  [EC-Cache] [KV-Store]


Erasure Coding

4/18 Presenters (2): Nishad Phadke (nphadke2) && Rohit Sarathy (rsarath2)

Scriber: Beomyeol Jeon (bj2)
Slides: [Nova] [YourSQL]
Scriber Slides: [Scribe]
OMG, Look at that Memory!  
4/20 Presenters (2): Radhir Kothuri (kothuri2) && Arnav Mishra (agmishr2)

Scriber: Presenters will scribe
Slides: [BTrDB] [sRoute]












Presenters (2): Chen Zhang (czhang49) && Qixuan Li (qli44)

Scriber: Presenters will scribe
Slides: [Leopard]
Scriber Slides:

Graph Processing

4/27 Presenters (2): Jayasi Mehar (jmehar2) && Mayank Bhatt (mayankb2)

Scriber: Wei Wei (weiw2)
Slides: [Step] [Firmament]
Scriber Slides:
Cluster Scheduling



Indy [ppt]


Completing the Circle

(No reviews required for the following papers. Paper copies for offline papers were handed out during previous lecture.)

  • R. Hoffmann, "Why buy that theory?", 2003
  • R. P. Feynman, "Metaplast Corp."


May 7 (Sunday)

Project Final Report due, 11.59 pm [12pt font, single-sided, 12 pages for main material + 1 page Business plan if applicable + any number of pages for references] (In groups of 2-3)

(Deadline is Hard and final, no extensions!)

Instructions for Final Report and its Submission


The following sessions are a rich source of ideas and directions for your projects - mine them! We could not include them in the course schedule due to the limited time.

Leftover   There's a P2P App for That
Leftover   How does it Really Behave?


Leftover   Low Fees Required - Probabilistic Membership



Leftover   Reliability
Leftover   Stretchable!
Leftover   Dataflow Programming Frameworks



Verification and Models


Leftover   Debugging and Performance



Spreading the Rumor


Somewhat consistent

Leftover   Potpourri



Energy-Efficient Design



(You can't sign up yet for this slot)


Leftover   In Byzantium
Leftover   Geo-Distribution


Old Wine: Stale or Vintage?


Leftover   Publish-Subscribe/CDNs


Distributed Monitoring and  Management


Leftover   Green Clouds
Leftover   Distributed Debugging


Leftover   Flash!  
Leftover   The Middle or the End?

(review any one of the following 3 papers)


Leftover   Availability-Aware Systems

(read the papers, but no reviews required for this session)

Leftover   Design Methodologies, Handling Stress

(No class today, but if you submitted a review on time, you can skip one of the remaining review sessions)

Leftover   Sources of unreliability in networks


Leftover    A Step Back 


Leftover   Distributed Management (2)  
Leftover   Handling Stress
Leftover   Selfish algorithms   
Leftover   Security
Leftover   Economic Theory
Leftover   The future of sensor nets?
Leftover   P2P - Etc.  
Leftover   The End-to-End Approach
Leftover   Automatic Computing and Inference
Leftover   Modular Systems  
Leftover   Practical theory perspectives  
Leftover    Topology and Naming
Leftover   Classical Algorithms  
Leftover   Caching



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