Physics 280: Reading Assignments



Physics 280: Spring 2017 Reading Assignments


The reading assignments are to be completed by the dates listed in the table below. They may be the subjects of in-class questions for credit and questions on the Midterm and Final Examinations. Assignments to read documents with basic course information and documents about current events are posted in separate sections of the table. Please be sure to check both sections for new additions.



Due Date Assignment
Jan 23 Article 1, Part 4 of the Student Code
  Some Nuclear Policy and War Terms
  A More Effective Approach to US Security
  The Last Train From Hiroshima: Chapter 1
  "Race for the Superbomb" Transcripts: Intro, Act I, Act II, Act III, Act IV
Jan 25 The Physics and Technology of Nuclear-Explosive Materials
  Use of Reactor-Grade and Weapons-Grade Plutonium in Nuclear Explosives
Feb 6 The Future of U.S. Nuclear Weapons
  Trading Threats With Iran
  The Iran Nuclear Deal - Colloquium by Fred Lamb
Feb 8 The Day After Midnight (Nuclear Weapon Effects)
  Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War
  Obama Backpedals on Nonproliferation
Feb 15 What Terrorists Want: Introduction, Chapters 1, 2, 3, & 4
Feb 19 What Terrorists Want: Chapters 5, 6, 7, & 8
  Calling It Jihad Makes It So
  War against Islam is a mistake
Feb 20 Nuclear Terrorism Fact Sheet
  Preventing Catastrophic Nuclear Terrorism [Click on the link "Nuclear Terrorism Csr (324K PDF)" at the lower left of this page to download the report]
  Securing the Bomb 2010
Feb 22 Connecting the counter-terrorism dots is hard
  Perfect protection against terrorism is impossible
  Don't panic. Fear is al-Qaeda's real goal
Mar 6 Global Fissile Material Stocks (2010 report by the Institute for Science and International Security)
  Hidden Travels of the Atomic Bomb
  Worldwide Nuclear Weapon Inventories (2011 report by the Arms Control Association)
Mar 8 Worldwide Ballistic Missile Inventories (2009 report by the Arms Control Association)
  Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States Through 2015 (December 2001 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate)
  The Ballistic Missile Threat (June 2001 report by Joseph Cirincione)
  Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat (June 2009 NASIC Report)
Mar 27 History of Iran's nuclear energy program
  2007 National Intelligence Estimate of Iran's Nuclear Program
  2010 Unclassified Report on Iran's Nuclear and Missile Programs
  Iran's Outstanding Nuclear Issues at a Glance
  Evaluating Iran's missile threat
  Does Iran now have enough nuclear explosive material to make a bomb?
Mar 29 Chronology of U.S.-North Korean Nuclear and Missile Diplomacy
  North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program
  Sig Hecker - What I found in Yongbyon and Why It Matters
  North Korean Missile Threat
Apr 3 U.S. Missile Defense Programs at a Glance
  The European Phased Adaptive Approach at a Glance
Apr 10 Frequently asked questions about the DPRK space launch attempt
Apr 12 A Technical Evaluation of the Operational-Effectiveness of the Planned US National Missile Defense
  The Delusion of Missile Defense
  FAS Fact Sheet on US Missile Defense Program in Europe
Apr 17 The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) at a Glance
  The Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime
  U.S.-Russian Nuclear Arms Control Agreements at a Glance
  New START at a Glance
  Verification of New START
  Lugar - Romney misinformed on New START Treaty
  Latest US-Russian Arsenals under New START
  How to Build on the New START Treaty
Apr 19 The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) at a Glance
  The US National Academy of Sciences 2012 Report on the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
  Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty (FMCT) at a Glance
April 24 Toward True Security (UCS)
  2010 Nuclear Posture Review Executive Summary
  What We Spend on Nuclear Weapons
April 31 President Obama's Prague speech on nuclear arms
  Kissinger, Shultz back Obama push to eliminate nuclear arms
  Deterrence in the Age of Nuclear Proliferation
  Nuclear Deterrence in a Changed World
  Fewer nukes, more security