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  Introduction to the Course PDF
  Nuclear Weapons PDF
  Here is a video taken in 2005 (courtesy of Martin Kalinowski, copyright 2005) of the chain reaction demonstration performed this year in the January 29 course session. The bottom of the cage is covered with mousetraps that have corks balanced on top of them. Professor Lamb initiates a chain reaction by throwing a rubber stopper into the cage, which sets off the first few mouse traps. This is analogous to neutrons from the initiator flooding a supercritical configuration of fissile material. The corks that fly up in the air are like the neutrons emitted in the first generation of the fission. Each of the corks in that first generation sets off another mousetrap, which in turn releases more corks. The second round of corks sets off even more mousetraps.
  Take a few minutes to step through the movie frame by frame and you will be able to distinguish the first and second generations of corks, though it is difficult to distinguish the later generations.
  Effects of Nuclear Explosions PDF

Nuclear Explosion Effect Range Calculator

(not visible in all browsers, scroll down for more slides)

  This range calculator is compliments of Carlos Labs.
  Nuclear Terrorism PDF
  Delivery Systems PDF
  Arsenals PDF
  Defenses PDF
  Arms Control PDF

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