This page details CS225 class resources that are currently in development. They are being made available for students’ use, as well as for collecting feedback. If you have any feedback on how to improve these items, please make a post on Piazza.

PrairieLearn: Daily Exercises

Daily Exercises serve two purposes: -First, they are intended to familiarize students with the standard exam environment. -Second, they are designed to help students solidify their understanding of C++ and the material learned in class.

You can find these problems on PrairieLearn. Students will receive some form of extra credit for the valid completion of these assessments.

Having trouble accessing the problems or submitting your responses? Watch the Tutorial Video. Still having trouble? Please contact us on Piazza.

Mini-Lecture Series

With the shifting of curriculum structure (for example, the creation of CS126), course material will shift around as well. A series of mini-lectures is being designed to cover the teaching of C++.

If you are having trouble with, or need a refresher on, a certain C++ mechanic, you are encouraged to use these videos as your first resource.

These videos have been put together by students. Be aware that the videos you are able to view may be unfinished products - but they aren’t missing the concepts they are intended to teach.

Along with the videos, a set of examples have been created to go along with them. This code will be made available through SVN soon.

Videos may be added or updated as the semester progresses.

C++ Basics



The Big Three


Object Oriented Programming