Sharing Your Code

In CS 225, all of the MPs are solo assignments. Each assignment has been crafted to be challenging but accessible and able to be completed. In fact, many of the data structures that are fundamental to you having a complete understanding of data structures are introduced and learned through assignments.

In some assignments, you create a sharable artifact at the end of the assignment (eg: an image). We hope you will share these. However, you should never share the source code for basic course assignments.

Interviewers want to see my CS 225 code!

FALSE. Tech companies target UIUC because of the course work that everyone completes, allowing them to know that every student coming through UIUC is excellent. Recruiters and interviewers are not interested in code that you (and everyone else they talk to) completed as part of a regular course assignment. Instead, they are interested in projects written outside of regular coursework – which you should share! :)

If you only talk and show off your course work, you’ll be telling a interviewer something they have heard many, many times before.

Sharing my code helps my friends!

FALSE. Completing an MP gives you only a small amount of course credit. Instead, the vast majority of course credit comes from exams that are crafted from the course assignments. If you (or your friend) does not understand the code in the assignments, you (or your friend) will struggle on the exam and do far worse in the course than if you had a few small errors in your MP.

If we find your code is used by another student, the University considers both of you in violation of your academic integrity. You can read more about academic integrity here.