ECE 342: Electronic Circuits

Regrade Requestion Submission:

  • Submission Deadline: regrade request must be submitted within one week from the date when exams are handed back.

  • Submission must have one cover page that clearly states out: 1) possible grading mistakes such as incorrect addition of total points; 2) reasons for additional credits based on the solutions you have written out.

  • Submission could be made either by giving your exams back (stapled with your cover page) to instructors directly.

Practice exams:

  • Practice exam: past exams

  • The coverage of these past exams are slightly different since there used to be three midterms.

Exam I:

  • Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 7:00 PM in 1013, 1015 and 3017 ECEB.

  • Conflict Exam: TBA

  • Formula Sheet: Formula sheet

  • Coverage: Lecture 1 - 15

  • Calculators are allowed, but no cheat sheet.

  • Exam room: Room assigned based on first two letters of last name. Room 1013: “A” to “Kh”; Room 1015: “Ki” to “Sa”; Room 3017: else.