ECE 342: Electronic Circuits


Due Date   Homework   Solution  
01/26/18 HW1 HW1 Solution
02/02/18 HW2 HW2 Solution
02/09/18 HW3 HW3 Solution
02/16/18 HW4 HW4 Solution
02/23/18 HW5 HW5 Solution
03/09/18 HW6 HW6 Solution
03/16/18 HW7 HW7 Solution
03/30/18 HW8 HW8 Solution
04/09/18 HW9 HW9 Solution
05/04/18 HW10 HW10 Solution

Homework Policy:

Homework is due on the coming Friday at 5:00 PM after it is posted. No late submission will be accepted. One lowest grade will be dropped.


Dropboxs are located at the 3rd floor of the ECEB.

Section   Dropbox Number  
B 82
C 83
E 84