Required Essay 2, Version 2 (RE2v2)

The Student Handbook provides complete guidance on how to revise writing assignments. Details on where to turn in all writing assignments are also provided in the Student Handbook. Before you turn in your essay, be sure to review the writing assignment submission checklist in the Handbook!


In addition to RE2v2, you will submit a writer’s memo describing your perception the feedback given on RE2v1. Please respond to these questions based on the feedback.

  • What feedback did you incorporate into this paper? What made you want to follow the advice given to you?
  • What feedback did you not incorporate into this paper? Why did you decide against it?


Writer's memo format:

  • Title the memo: "RE2v2 - Memo".
  • The writer's memo will be on a separate page. Write your name in the same format as specified for the essay.
  • The memo must not exceed 0.5 pages in length.
  • This will allow the TAs, and yourselves, to better understand why certain feedback was incorporated and why other suggestions may not have been. Self-reflection on feedback is a useful tool in professional technical writing to justify your though process to the reviewers.