ECE398BD: Fundamentals of Machine Learning (Labs)


Topic Lab Assigned Due Feedback for the Week
Lab 1 Introduction to Python [link] None Not Graded No Feedback
Lab 2 Classification, Part 1 [link] Sep 6 Sep 13, 11:59 PM
Lab 3 Classification, Part 2 [link] Sep 13 Sep 20, 11:59 PM
Lab 4 Linear Regression and Clustering [link] Sep 20 Sep 27, 11:59 PM
Lab 5 Principal Component Analysis [link] Sep 27 Oct 4, 11:59 PM

Here are two sample quizzes from previous years: [sample 1], [sample 2]. Sample 2 is better representative of the level of the first quiz.

Hints, Errata and Feedback

If any changes, hints or commentary are needed for the labs, they will be provided here.