CS 374 A

Guided Problem Sets

Auto-graded guided problem sets on PrairieLearn are due every Monday at 9pm unless announced otherwise. The guided problem sets are intended as warmup exercises for the written homework; we strongly recommend working on them before starting the homework. You can attempt the guided problems as many times as you like, even after the due date, but only submissions before the due date count toward your final course grade.

You can also find additional practice problems for most course topics on PrairieLearn. These do not count toward your course grade, but they procide the same feedback as the guided problem sets.

In the list below, links to future guided problem sets are placeholders. We release each guided problem at least one full week before its due date.

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Mon Aug 28
Guided problem set 1
Tue Sep 5
Guided problem set 2
Mon Sep 11
Guided problem set 3
Mon Sep 18
Guided problem set 4
Mon Oct 2
Guided problem set 5
Mon Oct 9
Guided problem set 6
Mon Oct 16
Guided problem set 7
Mon Oct 23
Guided problem set 8
Mon Oct 30
Guided problem set 9
Mon Nov 13
Guided problem set 10
Mon Nov 27
No guided problem set this week.
Mon Dec 4
Guided problem set 11