CS/ECE 374: Useful Resources

There is an overwhelming number of useful algorithms resources on the web. Although the class textbooks, and supplementary notes posted (hopefully) contain everything you need to do well in this course, we strongly encourage you to consult any other source at your disposal.
Course material
Lecture notes, slides, homeworks, and exams from algorithms classes at UIUC and several other universities can be found on the web:
Videos of algorithms lectures from several universities can be found on the web. See especially the following:
Both Coursera and Udacity are offering complete algorithms courses, with videos, readings, and automatically graded exercises. By necessity, these courses tend to focus more on implementation and less on proofs and open-ended design than CS 473.
Copies of these books should be on reserve in Grainger. The first two are available online and will be most closely related to the presentation of the material in this course.
For review of prerequisite material, we strongly recommend the following online resources. (This stuff is also covered in several dead-tree textbooks, but really, why bother?)
Programming contests
...which (at least at the top levels) are really algorithm design contests where you also some code, I guess.
We'll add more links here as we discover them. Suggestions are welcome!