Chandra Chekuri
Lenny Pitt
Qian Cheng
Andrew Chowela
Ritwika Ghosh
Shalmoli Gupta
Minyi Tang
Yipu Wang
Tana Wattanawaroon

Nicholas Bachmair
Hoazhen Ding
Junqing Deng
Mathew Halm
Bing-Jui Ho
Jingwen Jiang
Sanchit Kalhan
Alex Steiger
Madeleine Walstad
Robbie Weber


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Weekly schedule (by event)

Tue Thu 11:00-12:15
ECEB 1002
W and F between 9am and 3pm, depending on your section. See Schedule by Day, below, for details.
Office hours
Room 256 MEB; See Schedule by Day, below, for exact times.
Available on Moodle; usually by Friday or over the weekend. Due Thursdays at midnight (except Quiz 0).
Due Tuesdays at 10 am uploaded to Moodle.
Homeworks released Friday or the weekend, about ten days before the due date.
Graded homeworks will appear on Moodle on Wednesdays, one week after submission.

Weekly schedule for week $n$ (by day)

Office hours (all in 256 MEB): 10.30am-noon (Andrew), 2-3.30pm (Qian), 5-6.30pm (Yipu), 6.30-8pm (Minyi)
10:00: Homework $n-2$ due uploaded to Moodle; only one upload per group.
11:00–12:15: Lecture
Office hours: None for now
Graded Homework $n-1$ uploaded to Moodle
Office hours: 4-5pm (Lenny, 1210 Siebel), 6-7.30pm (Tana, 256 MEB)
Lab Sections
BDA 9:00-9:501214 SCYipuJunqing
BDB 10:00-10:501214 SCAndrewMadeleine
BDC 10:00-10:501109 SCRitwikaSanchit
BDD 11:00-11:501214 SCAndrewMathew
BDE 11:00-11:501111 SCShalmoliHaozhen
BDF 12:00-12:501214 SCQianJingwen
BDG 1:00-1:501214 SCQianAlex
BDH 1:00-1:501105 SCTanaNick
BDI 2:00-2:501105 SCTanaBing
BDJ 2:00-2:501214 SCMinyiRobbie
Quiz $n-1$ due
11:00-12:15: Lecture
Office hours: 3.15-4.30pm (Chandra in Siebel 3rd floor), 6-7.30pm (Ritwika in 256 MEB)
Office hours (all in 256 MEB): 3.15-4.45pm (Shalmoli)
Lab Sections: Same as Wednesday
Quiz $n$ released
Homework $n$ released


Si maintenant vous me donnez une équation que vous aurez choisie à votre gré, et que vous desirez connaître si elle est ou non soluble par radicaux, je n’aurai rien à y faire que de vous indiquer le moyen de répondre à votre question, sans vouloir charger ni moi ni personne de la faire. En un mot les calculs sont impracticables.
Évariste Galois
For every polynomial-time algorithm you have, there is an exponential algorithm that I would rather run.
Alan Perlis
Algorithms are for people who don't know how to buy RAM.
Clay Shirky