This semester, we will have an “Exam 0”, 3 theory exams, and 3 programming exams, all in the Computer Based Testing Facility (CBTF).

Theory Exams

Theory exams consist of multiple choice or short answer questions. You will not have to write any code, but you should still be prepared to read and interpret code.

Theory exams are 50 minutes long.

Programming Exams

Programming exams are structured very similarly to POTDs. You will have to write code according to the instructions, and the code will be automatically graded by PrairieLearn. As with labs, MPs, and POTDs, you can earn partial credit by passing some of the test cases, but non-compiling code will not be awarded any points.

Programming exams are 110 minutes long.


As per the syllabus, your performance on each assessment is worth 70 points (except “Exam 0” is worth 40 points).


You are responsible for scheduling your own exam time. Visit https://cbtf.engr.illinois.edu to choose your time!

Makeup exams

Given that each exam is offered for several days, the course policy is not to offer makeup exams. In very exceptional circumstances involving health or other emergencies, a makeup exam may be considered.

Testing in the CBTF

The computers in the CBTF are configured almost identically to the machines available in the EWS labs or over ssh. This means that you have access to compilers, man pages, gdb, valgrind, and any other tool you’re used to using on EWS machines. We don’t forbid the use of any of these tools, or any other program on the CBTF machines, while you’re completing an exam. Note that you can’t access the general internet - you can only access PrairieLearn.

Note that if you’ve installed additional editors or tools on your EWS account, or if you have a custom .vimrc or the like, these won’t be available in the CBTF. You should get comfortable using at least one of the editors that’s available by default on the EWS machines. For this reason, we also don’t advise coming to rely on IDEs like Xcode or CLion, as you won’t have them during exams.

You are expected to follow the policies for the CBTF when you are in an exam. See the CBTF page for more detailed policies. Here’s a summary:

  • No hats, gloves, phones, water bottles, paper, or anything else we think might indicate a breach of academic integrity, will be allowed in your exam space.

  • Please use the restroom before the exam begins.

  • No questions about exam content will be answered during the exam. If you think there is a poorly specified question (or more than one), please post a private note on Piazza, and it will be handled fairly, after the exam is over. You can also use the “Report an issue” button on your exam.