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Exam A

You will complete problems similar to POTDs within the CBTF. All questions will require programming complete and correct C++ programs. Partial credit will only be given for working, compilable code that passes some test cases. Code that doesnt compile will not receive any credit. Multiple (but not unlimited) submissions will be allowed.

Topics Covered

Topics from lecture:

  • All C++ concepts (Weeks 1-3)
  • List ADT
    • Using a Linked List
      • Adding to a linked list
      • Removing from a linked list
      • Searching in a linked list
    • Using an Array
      • Adding to an array
      • Resizing an array
      • Removing from an array
      • Searching in an array (linear vs. binary, sorted vs. unsorted)
      • Sorting an array
    • Running Times
      • Understand how to calculate a running time in an application of a List (ex: Stack)
  • Stack ADT
    • Using a List to build a Stack
  • Queue ADT
    • Using a List to build a Queue

Assignments referenced:

  • lab_intro
  • lab_debug
  • lab_memory
  • lab_inheritance
  • mp_intro
  • mp_stickers


Registration: Thursday, January 31

Start: Thursday, February 14

End: Sunday, February 17