Schedule of Topics

This schedule will be updated often and will change often.
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Week Topics Covered Assignments
1 Welcome & CS 205 Infrastructure
Python Programming
Python Data Analysis Library (pandas)
Similarity Metrics
Data Set: "Welcome to CS 205"
2 Python Data Analysis Library (pandas), Part 2
Introduction to Data Visualization
3 Basic Web Design (HTML, CSS)
JavaScript Programming
JavaScript Library: d3.js
4 JavaScript Library: d3.js
6 Natural Language Programming (NLP)
Text Cleaning
Python Library: Natural Language Tool Kit (NLTK)
NLTK: Stop words, stemming, ...
7 NLTK: Text Chunking
NLTK: Part of Speech Tagging (PoS)
NLTK: Named-Entity Recognition (NER)
8 Graphs
Python Library: networkx
Graph Traversal: DFS, BFS, ...
9 State Spaces
Machine Learning
10 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
11 Geographical Data