CS 205 Infrastructure


  • Setting up Python 3 for CS 205 (miniconda)
  • codecademy's Learn Python: The first lesosn under each unit is free (shouldn't even need an account) and allows you to program right in your browser. The first lesson (~20 problems each) under Units 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are a great introduction to Python. Link:
  • codecombat has created a web-based RPG-style game that requires learning Python to advance through the game. The main "campaign" is free and shouldn't even need an account. Link:
  • "Learn Python the Hard Way" is an online book that goes through Python via exercises of increasing difficulty. The online HTML-based book is free and there's no need for an account. Link:
  • "Welcome to Python for you and me" is another online book, more like a traditional text book, that guides you through basic Python topics. Link:

d3.js: JavaScript Library