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Schedule and Reading List - Tentative

Date Slides Contents Presenter(s) Materials
16th Jan Course Introduction and Logistics Ravi Iyer
Autonomous Vehicles
18th Jan Hardware Fault Tolerance Ravi Iyer
23rd Jan Combinatorial Reliability Models Ravi Iyer
25th Jan Tandem Reliability Model Ravi Iyer
30th Jan AV Reliability I TBA Hands Off the Wheel in Autonomous Vehicles?: A Systems Perspective on over a Million Miles of Field Data
1st Feb AV Reliability II TBA ML-Based Fault Injection for Autonomous Vehicles: A Case for Bayesian Fault Injection
6th Feb AV Reliability III TBA DRYVR:Data-driven verification and compositional reasoning for automotive systems
8th Feb AV Reliability IV TBA Risk assessment based collision avoidance decision-making for autonomous vehicles in multi-scenarios
13th Feb AV Reliability V TBA Can Autonomous Vehicles Identify, Recover From, and Adapt to Distribution Shifts?
15th Feb AV Design Innovation Activity
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure
20th Feb Cloud and Kubernetes Introduction Ravi Iyer
22nd Feb Consistency in Distributed Systems Ravi Iyer
27th Feb Resource Management Ravi Iyer
29th Feb Cloud Reliability I TBA Sage: Practical and Scalable ML-Driven Performance Debugging in Microservices
5th Mar Cloud Reliability II TBA TBA
7th Mar Cloud Reliability III TBA TBA
12th Mar Spring Break
14th Mar Spring Break
19th Mar Cloud Reliability IV TBA TBA
21st Mar Cloud Reliability V TBA TBA
26th Mar Cloud Design Innovation Activity
Resource Disaggregation
28th Mar Disaggregation Introduction Ravi Iyer
2nd Apr Disaggregation Prototypes Ravi Iyer
4th Apr Disaggregation Resilience Methods Ravi Iyer
9th Apr Disaggregation Reliability I TBA LegoOS: A Disseminated, Distributed OS for Hardware Resource Disaggregation
11th Apr Disaggregation Reliability II TBA Carbink: Fault-Tolerant Far Memory
16th Apr Disaggregation Reliability III TBA TBA
18th Apr Disaggregation Reliability IV TBA Efficient Memory Management for Large Language Model Serving with PagedAttention
23rd Apr Disaggregation Reliability V TBA TBA
25th Apr Final Presentation
30th Apr Final Presentation

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