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ECE 486 Documentation

Lecture Slides

The ECE 486 course slides were written by Prof Maxim Raginsky in Spring 2014 based on Prof Daniel Liberzon's manuscripts.

The PDFs were remade as 'handout's as requested in Fall 2014. Slides are back online in Fall 2015. The original PDFs in 'presentation' mode are also provided if in any case they are thought useful for studying the exam.

See detailed course syllabus matrix with slides in 'presentation' mode.

Slides belong to ECE 486 Teaching Archive and copyrighted by Prof Maxim Raginsky. Personal Use only.

Slides as they were in Spring 2014
  1. Lecture 1 (PDF, handout)
  2. Lecture 2 (PDF, handout)
  3. Lecture 3 (PDF, handout)


HTML-ized lecture slides are made in Spring 2018 in order to add notes and comments on top of the original slides.