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ECE 458: Applications of Radio Wave Propagation

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X 3:30 2013 ECEB Erhan Kudeki MF 4:00 PM 2080 ECEB

Teaching Assistant: Binghui Wang - bwang36@illinois.edu --- Office Hours: Wednesday 9:30AM-11AM, 3036 ECEB

Course Description: ECE 458 is a follow-on course to ECE 350 concerned with the complexities of EM wave propagation on and around our planet with a special focus on near-Earth space environment including the neutral (un-ionized) atmosphere, ionosphere, magnetosphere, and solar wind. Topics include:

with a focus on the underlying physics of near-Earth space environment giving rise to these propagation effects.

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Supplementary Course Material:

List of Vector Identities Direction Cosines EMORS Area Smith Chart Tool AARL Smith Chart Supp

ECE 329 Notes ECE 350 Notes

Lecture Notes and Reading Material:

2010 Class Notes Communications Notes Collin's book ITU-R REC-P.452 Lunar Occulation Theory Lunar Occulation Measurements Paper on Multiple Knife Edge Ground Wave Attenuation Ground Wave - Collin Derivation Booker Clemmow papers Clemmow's book Norton's paper Gilbert paper on Pierce antenna system Clarke paper Jakes book MIMO-OFDM ChoETAL book Farley/Hagfors manuscript on IS Kudeki & Milla 2011 papers Milla & Kudeki 2009 collisions paper Nyquist Noise Paper 1928 Nyquist Noise + Langevin Equation ChirpZ transform paper for Gordeyev computations

Ground Reflections Reflection Coefficients & Space Wave - Math.nb Space Wave Links Apertures & Diffraction I Weyl Identity Proof 2D Huygens Derivation Cornu Spiral Cornu Spiral - Math.nb Diffraction II and Edge Waves Point Source Effect (JB68) Diffraction Examples Ground Wave Propagation Ground Wave Propagation - New Notes Clarke paper with EK annotations Bessel Integrals Fading Signal Statistics and Spectral Estimation Error Covariances and Fitting Radar Interferometric Imaging Bragg Scattering - Macroscopic Approach Soft Target Radar Equation Incoherent Scatter Radar Notes Visibility/Brightness Fourier Pair Gordeyev Integrals - Thermal & Collisional cases Conductivity and ISR Spectrum of Thermal Plasma Magneto-Ionic Propagation Ionograms & Whistlers Anisotropic and Magnetoionic Media

Microlectures: (streaming from Illinois Media Space)

Fourier/Laplace Transforms++ 2D Diffraction - A Review Old Lecture Videos 2017 Lecture Videos

Homework: Will be assigned weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) on Tuesdays and collected a week later. The assignments and their solutions will be posted below in pdf format. No late homework will be accepted (except when special permission is granted by your instructor before the due date). You can check your homework grades in Illinois Compass2g.

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Exams: Two midsemester exams and a final exam (possibly take home) will be scheduled.

Grading Policy:

Homework and Class Participation 30% of total
Midsemester Exams 30% of total
Final Exam 40% of total