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Section F (Mon/Wed) - IYER

Fall 2016

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- You must turn in your homework at the begining of class on the due date.
- Late homeworks will not be accepted without prior permission from the instructor.
- Show all your work in order to get partial credit. Final answers without showing any work will get zero credit.
- If we find that you have copied someone else's homework, you will get zero credit.
- All assignments must be submitted stapled if they consist of more than one sheet with the following heading in neat handwriting, on the top right corner of the first page:


Homework 0 - Due 08/24

Homework 1 - Due 08/31- Solution

Homework 2 - Solution (No need to submit, just for practice)

Homework 3 - Due 09/21- Solution

Homework 4 - Due 09/28- Solution

Homework 5 - Due 10/05- Solution

Homework 6 - Solution

Homework 7 - Solution

Homework 8

Homework 9 - Due 11/02- Solution

Homework 10 - Due 11/09- Solution

Homework 11 - (ungraded)- Solution

Homework 12 - (ungraded)- Solution