Lab Files
Spring 2019
Attend laboratories beginning Monday, January 14, 2019. There will not be labs the second week due to MLK day.
Supervised Lab Playtime is available on most Saturdays from 12-3pm. See the Lab Schedule for more information.
Lab 1: Getting Started with Electronics
No Lab Meeting: January 21-25, 2019

Lab 2: Resistor Networks for Speed Control
Lab Procedures Modules Extra Content
Recording Measurements 004: Plotting with Python (can be done at home) Power Supply Manual
Lab 2 Prelab 005: Arduino Analog Inputs (can be done at home) Multimeter Manual
Lab 2 Procedures 001, 002, and 003 are alternatives Lab2 Overview Video
Lab 3: Switched-Resistor Speed Control
Lab 4: Voltage-Divider-Based Motor Speed
Lab 5: Pulsed-Motor Speed Control
Lab 6: Improved Motor Characterization
Lab 7: PWM Speed Control
Lab 8: Coupling Balance with Speed Control
Lab 9: Autonomous and Elegant!
Lab Procedures Modules Extra Content
Lab 9 Prelab 7F Schmitt Trigger IV Lab 9 Overview Video
Lab 9 Procedures 8B
Unit 2 Report
Lab 10: Project Proposal
Lab 11: Explore More! and Project Progression
Lab 12: Explore More! and Project Progression
Lab Procedures Modules Extra Content
Lab 12 Procedures 9C: Voltage Comparitor (also useful for ADC)

The following is a rough outline of the contents of the ECE110 Electronics Kit available from the ECE Supply Center beginning on Friday, August 24:

This kit is somewhat reduced in content and also reduced in price from previous semesters.