AB0 Lab Files
Spring 2019
Attend laboratories beginning Monday, January 22, 2018. Please be aware that most sections are full and the demand for this course is high, so do not accidentally drop your section unless you simultaneously pick up another!

The following is a rough outline of the contents of the ECE110 Electronics Kit available from the ECE Supply Center:
Lab 1: Getting Started with Electronics
Lab Procedures Modules Extra Content
Semester Overview 1A: Understanding Resistance Plotting in MATLAB
Lab 1 Procedures Automating Plotting in MATLAB
Etiquette and Safety 3A: Intro to the Arduino/RedBoard
Learn to Control the Arduino Digital Outputs
Learn to Control the Arduino Analog Inputs
Reading Instruments
Lab 2: Resistor Networks for Speed Control
Lab 3: Switched-Resistor Speed Control
Lab Procedures Modules Extra Content
Lab 3 Prelab 11A. Engineering Ethics
Lab 3 Procedures
Lab 4: Voltage-Divider-Based Motor Speed
Lab 5: Pulsed-Motor Speed Control
Lab 6: Improved Motor Characterization
Lab 7: PWM Speed Control
Lab 8: Coupling Balance with Speed Control
Lab 9: Autonomous and Elegant!
Lab Procedures Modules Extra Content
Lab 9 Prelab 7F Schmitt Trigger IV Unit 2 Report
Lab 9 Procedures 8B Clipping Circuit
9B Voltage Follower (Buffer)