All homework assignments consist of two parts, a written section (due Tuesdays) and a programming section (due Thursdays). The instructions for both sections are included in the assignment zip files.

Programming assignments will be distributed through svn. See the zip file for additional instructions.

All assignments are due at 11:59AM Central Time (Just before noon). See syllabus for more detailed schedule regarding due dates.



How to submit

Written Section: Assignments MUST be typesetted in using the provided template; Otherwise the submitted work will not be graded.

Written assignments are submitted through gradescope (self-enrollment code 96P5BZ). When submitting you will be asked to assign each problem to one or mutiple pages in your solution. Make sure you link the problem to the corresponding pages when submitting to avoid that your solution will not be graded.

Programming Section:

Programming assignments will be distributed in a svn repository. We will grade the program that is checked into svn at (11:59AM Central Time) on the due day. Any updates after the deadline will not be graded.

Please take note of the running time when implementing the solution, we will terminate the autograder if the solution runs more than 5 times slower than our implementation.

Additionally, you are required to follow the pycodestyle coding convention. Failure to follow the style guide may result in deduction of points for the programming section.


We will report grades for both the written section and the programming section through Compass 2G.

Academic Honesty

Late Homework Policy

Homework will not be accepted after the due date. The lowest scoring homework will be dropped.

Helpful Resources