Throughout the semester, you will take 6 quizzes (50-minute) that will have a mixture of short questions and short coding questions (similar to the questions that appear in your HW, L, GA and practice assessments). Students will take all quizzes at CBTF.

You will need to register for your own quiz using PrairieTest, which will take place from Tuesday to Thursday. Make sure to register early, so you can find a slot that works well for you. We will not provide overrides/extensions because students miss their reservations, or even forget to register. Review all instructions on the CBTF website before your first quiz.

Students with DRES Accomodations

Students who have DRES accommodations will need provide their letter of accommodation to CBTF by the end of week 2.


This course uses the Grainger College of Engineering’s Computer-Based Testing Facility for its exams. The policies of the CBTF are the policies of this course, and academic integrity infractions related to the CBTF are infractions in this course.

If you have any operational issue during a quiz, inform the proctor immediately. Work with the proctor to resolve the issue at the time before logging off. If you do not inform a proctor of a problem during the test then you forfeit all rights to redress. Note that proctors are not supposed to help students with content related questions.

Practice Quizzes

You will have a Practice Quiz open the week prior to each quiz. Your actual quiz will be generated using the same question pool used to generate the practice quizzes, with the exception of the coding questions.

Academic Integrity

Quizzes will be available from Tuesday to Thursday (this is what we call the Quiz Period).

These quizzes will follow the CS honors code and UIUC Academic Integrity policies. You must not communicate with anyone about quiz content during the Quiz Period . Conversations and posts on CampusWire or any other digital space about the quiz are only allowed starting on Friday after the Quiz Period.

Students that violate any of the course policies will face penalties as provided by campus rules regarding academic honesty. Academic integrity infractions, harassment, and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. See the University's Student Code, Article 1, Part 4. Please see the Students’ Quick Reference Guide to Academic Integrity for more details.

Quiz review

When you finish your quiz, you will see the correct answers and your score on the quiz. You will not have access to the quiz once the Quiz Period is finished. If you want to talk about the quiz with the instructor or TA, you must wait until the Quiz Period is over, and then you can ask questions on CampusWire, or office hours. Make sure you come up with specific questions, and write your own notes after you finish the quiz. Course staff will not be able to open your instance of the quiz during office hours.

Quiz Schedule

Quiz 1: Linear Algebra + Python + Errors

Content covered: HW1-HW3

CBTF registration starts: 18 Jan

CBTF quizzes during the period: 30 Jan - 01 Feb

Quiz 2: Floating Point, Rounding, Taylor Series

Content covered: HW4-HW6

CBTF registration starts: 01 Feb

CBTF quizzes during the period: 13 Feb - 15 Feb

Quiz 3: Monte Carlo, Norms and Linear System of Equations

Content covered: HW7-HW9

CBTF registration starts: 15 Feb

CBTF quizzes during the period: 27 Feb - 29 Feb

Quiz 4: Sparse, Conditioning, Eigenvalues and Markov Chains

Content covered: HW10-HW13

CBTF registration starts: 29 Feb

CBTF quizzes during the period: 26 Mar - 28 Mar

Quiz 5: Finite Differences, Nonlinear equations, Optimization

Content covered: HW14-HW16

CBTF registration starts: 28 Mar

CBTF quizzes during the period: 09 Apr - 11 Apr

Quiz 6: Linear least-squares and SVD

Content covered: HW17-HW18

CBTF registration starts: 11 Apr

CBTF quizzes during the period: 23 Apr - 25 Apr