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This website is an archive of the Spring 2019 semester of CS 225.
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Grad TAs for labs are in bold.

Regular sections

Section Day Time Location TA CA
AYT Wed 05:00pm Siebel 0218 Jaewoo Jacqueline, Annie
AYB Wed 07:00pm Siebel 0224 Minghao Simeng, Rahul
AYC Thu 09:00am Siebel 0224 Minghao Jeremy, Rose
AYD Thu 11:00am Siebel 0224 Wenjie Piotr, Xinyu
AYE Thu 01:00pm Siebel 0224 Patrick Siping
AYF Thu 03:00pm Siebel 0224 Wenjie Natalia, Devanshi
AYG Thu 05:00pm Siebel 0224 Sriram Siping, Annie
AYH Thu 07:00pm Siebel 0224 Abhinav James, Adrian
AYI Fri 09:00am Siebel 0224 Sayantani Jack, Jeremy
AYQ Fri 09:00am Siebel 0218 Shan Kanika, Ashley
AYJ Fri 11:00am Siebel 0224 Shan Rittika, Shreyas
AYK Fri 01:00pm Siebel 0224 Sayantani Aparajitha, Utsav
AYS Fri 01:00pm Siebel 0218 Rohan Francisco, Sam
AYL Fri 03:00pm Siebel 0224 Rohan Grant, Jenny

Laptop sections

Section Day Time Location TA CA
AYM Wed 05:00pm Siebel 1304 Mariam Eddie, Piotr
AYR Wed 07:00pm Siebel 1304 Jaewoo Ashley, Nathan
AYN Thu 01:00pm Siebel 1302 Sriram Kanika, Rahul
AYO Thu 03:00pm Siebel 1302 Patrick Grant, Adrian
AYP Thu 05:00pm Siebel 1302 Abhinav Jordi, Alecia