Exam Registration Opens Exam Start Exam End
Theory Exam 2: Theory Exam 2 Thu, Sep 27 Thu, Oct 11 Sun, Oct 14
Programming Exam A: Programming Exam A Thu, Sep 13 Thu, Sep 27 Sun, Sep 30
Theory Exam 3: Theory Exam 3 Thu, Oct 25 Thu, Nov 8 Sun, Nov 11
Theory Exam 1: Theory Exam 1 Thu, Aug 30 Thu, Sep 13 Sun, Sep 16
Programming Exam C: Programming Exam C Thu, Nov 22 Sun, Dec 2 Tue, Dec 4
Programming Exam B: Programming Exam B Thu, Oct 11 Thu, Oct 25 Sun, Oct 28
Exam 0: Exam 0 Mon, Aug 27 Thu, Sep 6 Sun, Sep 9
Final Exam: Final Exam

This semester, we will have an “Exam 0”, 3 theory exams and 3 programming exams, all in the Computer Based Testing Facility (CBTF).

Here is what you can expect:


As per the syllabus, your performance on each assessment is worth 70 points (except “Exam 0” is worth 40 points).

Time & Place

You are responsible for scheduling your own exam time. Visit https://cbtf.engr.illinois.edu/ to choose your time!

Theory exams will be 50 minutes and programing exams will be 110 minutes.

Makeup Exams

Given that each exam is offered for several days, the course policy is not to offer makeup exams. In very exceptional circumstances involving health or other emergencies, a makeup exam may be considered.


See the CBTF page for more detailed policies. Here’s a summary:

Practice Exams

Here are the past practice exams; the practice exams were designed for semester with two 3-hour written exams and a final, so there’s not a great mapping between the new and old exams. However, the programming questions should be good practice for the electronic exams.

Past Midterm 1’s

Applies to: Exam 1

Past Midterm 2’s

Past Finals

DRES Exams

Instructions for students registered with DRES and receiving accommodations for extended time or reduced distraction environment may use the CBTF. Policies and instructions are here: https://cbtf.engr.illinois.edu/#dres. Note in particular: