CS173: Discrete Structures, Honors

Lecture B, Fall 2015

Homework assignments

Please see the honors add-on page for general information about the honors add-on for 173, Fall 2015 applicable to both lectures.

This page provides the honors homework assignments for CS 173 Lecture B (Professor Warnow). Homework assignments for the Honors add-on for the Lecture A 173 course (Margaret Fleck) are available in the general page, given above.

All the homework assignments for the honors add-on for Lecture B will be provided here. Some of them (e.g., the first assignment) will be the same ones as for the Lecture A, but some will be different. However, like the Lecture A assignments, all written assignments must be done using latex, compiled into PDF, and then submitted as hardcopy, using the same procedures as for the A lecture. For homeworks after the first assignment, you only need to provide the hardcopy of the PDF, and not your latex source code. Your homework must be submitted as hardcopy in the CS 173 honors dropbox in the basement of Siebel by the deadline. Your document should use 12pt font and start with the title (assignment due date) and author (your name). Please make sure to include your email address in your homework.

All honors add-on homeworks must be done by yourself, without consultation with others. If you have questions about the homework, you are encouraged to meet with the 173 course staff for help.