CS173: Discrete Structures

Honors Add-on

Fall 2015

Here is the third honors homework for the A lecture, due Tuesday, December 8th. Also the input puzzle that goes with it.

Here is the second honors homework for the A lecture, due Tuesday November 3rd.

Here is the first honors homework, due Wednesday, September 30th.

For homework assignments for 173 Lecture B (Warnow), see Lecture B Honors Add-on page.

The first honors assignment will be coming out soon. You'll need to submit your solutions in latex, i.e. real latex-formatted documents rather than the latex equation mode we'll be using for long-form homeworks in the main course. So, while you wait for the first assignment, please use this latex start-up information to get familiar with how to format documents.

The honors add-on does supplementary assignments, whose content varies from term to term. It is is intended for students with strong background, e.g. James scholar and/or a strong GPA plus an A in the prerequisite courses.

To register for this 1sh add-on, you should do the following:

The honors section does not have its own meeting time. Announcements are made via the regular 173 lectures and Piazza.