TAM 210/11: Statics

Welcome to the official course website for TAM 210/11 at UIUC this Spring 2018.

The faculty, graduate teaching assistants (TAs), and undergraduate course assistants (CAs) involved in all of the TAM 2xx courses (TAM 210/211, 212, 251) continue to work to improve the student experience in these very large introductory courses. TAM 210/211 in particular has always been a very difficult transition course for students in their early semesters of college. This course is challenging because students are exposed to multiple online teaching platforms (Prairie Learn, Mastering Engineering, Piazza, CBTF), multiple requirements in terms of frequent tutorials, homework assignments, written assignments, quizzes, structured worksheets in Discussion sections that require working with a team of people, and the need for good personal time management skills. It is one of the first of many rigorous courses that undergraduate engineering students will experience in their time at Illinois. Our goal as educators is to help our undergraduate students to achieve academic success and graduate as engineers. We train our undergraduate students to learn broad fundamental engineering knowledge that will allow them to have enough background to directly address, or know where to look for answers to address, the technological challenges of today and the future. Engineering is not about memorization; it is about being a problem solver, using one’s general knowledge, and applying it to new areas.

The key to succeeding in TAM 210/211, or any class, is to practice the material before the time for assessment (quiz or exam). This course has many opportunities to practice; use them to your advanatge. Ask for help from the instructional staff, the CARE center in Grainger Library, or your friends (but do not just copy your friends answers - that is not practicing the material).

NOTE: This website is always under construction!! Feel free to peruse, wander, and learn a bit about what's coming up this Spring, but dates/times/assignments etc. are subject to change. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at the discussion forum on Piazza (see link below).

As well as the pages on this website, this course uses: