There will be two types of assignments in 582/3. Fairly often during lectures I will assign small Exercises that will flesh out material more fully than I can do in class. These will give you an opportunity to ponder the material. Solutions to all of the exercises given out during the week must be handed in the following Monday (at the beginning of class). Your solutions to the exercises must be produced using TeX. I have made a TeX primer available to get you started, and there is also a template file that you can use for each exercise. You may either hand in a paper printout or email a pdf to the grader. Since another intent of the exercises is to keep you abreast of the current goings-on in the class, we will not accept late exercise solutions (so do not ask).

The second type of assignment will be more extensive Problem Sets. These will come every two weeks, and will be available below as pdf files. Solutions will also be supplied here by the grader rather promptly, so we expect you to hand in your solutions on time. Problem set solutions will be due on Wednesdays (before class), two weeks after they are made available. You may choose to do your problem set solutions in TeX (the grader would think kindly of you), but it is not required. These may be emailed to the TA or put in the 582/3 dropbox on the second floor of Loomis.

To see the problem sets and solutions, you must log in to the secure site. Click the log-in button at right.

In addition to these assignments, there will be a major project that you will work on throughout the semester. See the Projects link for more details.

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