The material in this course will not follow any specific textbook, but there are a large number of good books on related material.

Required reading:

These are both introductory QFT textbooks, with slightly different selection of topics and approaches to the material.  In some weeks the material listed as required reading will overlap between the two textbooks, and in some weeks it will not.  They are on reserve at the Grainger library, as are most of the books listed below.  You should feel free to pick whichever of the two books you prefer and use that one as your primary reference -- I encourage but do not require you to read both.

Other relevant books:


There are many books on QFT and the Standard Model, written at many levels.  Here are several references ranging from the elementary to the advanced that you may find useful as supplemental reading.



The Particle Data Group maintains an up-to-date compendium of measurements and has many reviews with references to the original literature:

A comprehensive treatment of two-component spinors is:

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