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Welcome to Physics 505, Graduate Electromagnetism!

Our first lecture is Tuesday Aug 29, 2017 at 11 am in Loomis 136.  My notes from last year for lecture 1 are online and availble on the schedule page.  More notes are coming soon!

My name is James Eckstein and I am the instructor for this course.  You can reach me via email at or in my office at 1019 MRL.  I will have official office hours, but you can also try to find me there at other times.  Appointments work best.

You can look over the schedule page to see the course syllabus.  We will introduce a number of very interesting mathematical techniques and apply them to solving a wide range of E&M problems.  Most notably we will develop a systematic strategy baseto find Green's Functions.  We will use them to study both static and dynamic (radiation) problems.  We will also describe how conducting systems, dielectric and magnetic media interact with EM fields.  This includes propogation of EM waves, optics, waveguides and resonators, the theory of electronic and magnetic susceptibilities including causality, and scattering and diffraction of radiation. We will finish the course developing another approach to EM based on relativisitic symmetry and including relativisitic radiation such as in wigglers and synchrotron sources.



James N. Eckstein
1019 Materials Research Lab


Chun Kit Chan

Office Hour Fridays 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Prof. Eckstein's Office hour:  Wednesdays 2:30 to 3:30 pm at MRL 1019.

Recommended Text Book:  Jackson's  "Classical Electrodynamics"

Other Resources:  Landau "Electrodynamics of Continuous Media"

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