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DVH (12/10/2019) 12am

Tomorrow December 10 is the last day of class!  We will have 5 interesting presentations ... and snacks!  Please be on time so we can get through everything.  Should be fun.



DVH (11/19/2019) 2pm

I sent a nice email on Sunday about the research presentations ... but apparently onlyto myself.  I will send it again.  But here are the final paper and presentation assignments. Let me know if you have questions or wish to change topics.

Conventional SC qubits vs. topological SC qubits   SC qubits vs. ion trap qubits SC qubits vs. quantum dot or semiconductor qubits
Abboud, Nick Birchmier, Rachel Lucille Fu, Wenning
Beach, Alexander R Rooke, Spencer George Ganesan, Vishal
Song, Xiangyu Wild, Drew Glenn Peng, Yu-Ting
Suresh Babu, Soorya Wu, Junyi Wu, Dufei
Quantum Supremacy Superconductors for Quantum Sensing Quantum computing for discovery of new superconductors
Gabrisko, Nick Hu, Yuxuan Apte, Sohm Shailesh
Kim, Dong Beom Tsai, Pei-Wen Vaz, Daniel Edward
Montone, Jessica H   Zhang, Michael
Wang, Ningdong   Zvenigorodsky, Serge
  Agrawal, Shraddha  
  Baker, Carina Franziska  
  Lennox, Amber Rose Elizabeth  
  Lin, Haoran  
  Ma, Max  




DVH (11/11/2019) 2pm

The lecture notes have now been updated through last week --- sorry for getting behind.

Tuesday, November 12, we will talk about dc SQUID operation, perfromance, circuits, and applications!

As I suggested, the "final paper" will be Powerpoint presentations on team projects on Tuesday, December 10, exactly 4 weeks from tomorrow.   We will discuss some details in class tomorrow.




DVH (10/30/2019) 4pm

The first paper is due is officially due today, Wednesday, October 30.  Several people have asked me about extensions and I have been saying OK.  It would be good to get these to me by the end of the week, which means the end of the weekend, so by Sunday, November 3.  I will email this so everyone sees it.  

More tomorrow about my plan for the second "paper", which probably won't be a paper.




DVH (10/22/2019) 11:30am:  More Josephson effect today --- the useful RSF model!

I have updated the lecture notes --- sorry for getting behind on that.

REMINDER 1: No class on Thursday, October 24, due to a conflict with a Chicago Quantum Exchange Workshop.

REMINDER 2:  The first paper is due on Wednesday, October 30.  There is some information on the format and expectations in the slides for LECTURE #14.


DVH (10/10/2019) 12:00am:  Starting superconductor device physics today --- first quasiparticle tunneling, then the Josephson effect, then SQUIDs.

NOTE:  No class on Thursday, October 24, due to a conflict with a Chicago Quantum Exchange Workshop.


DVH (9/24/2019) 3:00pm:  BCS is underway!  First lecture notes are posted.  More on Thursday. 

Read the original BCS paper:   BCS "Theory of Superconductivity"


DVH (9/19/2019) 3:00pm:  The noted form the 3rd (and final) G-L lecture are posted.  I corrected the confusing slide on the Vortex Nucleation (Slide #7) --- the anomalous "αv" or "∝v" should have been "dV".  I also updated the Course Syllabus.  Next week we start BCS!


DVH (9/17/2019) 12 noon:  This week: more Ginzburg-Landau Theory.  Tuesday = surface energy and Type II SC.  Thursday: currents and phase coherence.


DVH (9/10/2019) 3:30pm:  A new version of the Lecture 3 notes with some typos fixed has been uploaded.  [Note:  The anomalous RΨ term I had in the denominator of the Pippard and Chambers expressions should be R^4 !


DVH (9/10/2019):  Today we will be starting our discussion of models and theories of superconductivity today.  Slides are posted.  See you in class!


DVH (8/25/2019):   The FIRST DAY of Physics 498SQD will be on Thursday, August 29, from 1:00pm-2:20pm in 222 LLP.

We will not hold class on Tuesday, August 27, because it overlaps the Department of Physics PhD Qualifying Exam which several students enrolled in the course are taking.


Please see the course description for an explanation of how this course works. The course description also gives important details on our policies for missed exams, homework & quizzes. Also, please consult the schedule to help you keep track of what is due when.