PHYS 498 ART :: Physics Illinois :: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Artist's depiction of a roton - a strange quasiparticle occuring in Bose Einstein condensates. Credit: Christopher Ticknor, LANL, Ryan Wilson & Brad Baxley, JILA

Weekly Class Meetings: Monday 3.00-4.50pm,

Default Location: Loomis 147

Project time: TBD

Class Format: Generally each class will involve focusing on one or more scientific concept and genre of art and studying how concepts are depicted by these genres. Topics include the cosmos, waves, and quantum physics; theater, visual arts, music, and design. The format of the class will typically involve a presentation by the instructor and any student who so desires, dialog, short student presentations on some days (dispersed throughout the semester), and formulation of projects. Some classes will involve fields trips and others will have guest presenters from physics, theater, dance, and other disciplines. Some classes will also be dedicated to production and presentation of projects. 


Student final presentation from Spring 2017