Sir Isaac Newton
 Physics 496
 Introduction to Physics Research
 Spring 2018

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Homework Assignments

All assignments have posted due dates and times, and extensions will not be granted except in extraordinary circumstances. Points will be deducted for assignments turned in after the posted deadline. Some assignments, as noted, will be eligible for additional rewrite points if they have been submitted by the deadline. An assignment matrix summarizes the course components and points for each assignment.

Scroll down the page for instructions for Colloquium Reports.

  1. Evaluating Titles      Due January 26

  2. Understanding a Paper       Due February 2

  3. Abstract and Title      Due February 9

  4. Proper Referencing      "Superconducting Proximity Effect in Topological Insulators"
    (MS Word)    (PDF)     Due February 16

  5. Writing for a General Audience     Suggested Topics      Due February 23
    Instructions for Authors: People   Innovations   Places   Impact
  6. Peer Reviews      Due March 2

  7. Evaluating Figures and Captions      Due March 9

  8. Short Science Talk      Due March 30

  9. Telling Your Story in Figures and Figure Captions      Due April 6

  10. Resume and Statement of Purpose     Due April 20

  11. Journal Club Presentation      Present during class on April 27
    (note that this assignment consists of multiple parts, each having separate due dates)
    Example of a Student JC Presentation

All homework assignments are due by 9:00 p.m. on the due date, unless otherwise indicated, and are to be emailed to Consult the instructions for individual assignments for exact deadlines and eligibility for rewrite points.

Colloquium Reports

In addition to the homework assignments shown above, students are required to attend four departmental colloquia or suitable special lectures (check with Professor Grosse Perdekamp on suitability of lectures other than Physics or Astronomy colloquia) of their choice during the semester and submit a written report of each.

The deadlines for receipt of colloquium reports are as follows:

Report #1—Due by 9:00 p.m., Friday, February 9; rewrites due by February 23
Report #2—Due by 9:00 p.m., Friday, March 2; rewrites due by March 30
Report #3—Due by 9:00 p.m., Friday, March 30; rewrites due by April 20
Report #4—Due by 9:00 p.m., Friday, April 20; no rewrites will be accepted

Late reports will be downgraded. No colloquium reports (initial or rewrites) will be accepted after April 27.

The reports are worth 50 points each. Reports should be emailed to Celia Elliott when complete. Early submissions will be gratefully accepted.

Colloquium report template